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ANC Nasrec Conference – how the state was hijacked

By Andile Mngxitama

So President Zuma starts moving to radical black nationalism; he abandons the West and Stellenbosch; and he embraces BRICS. Not only that, he promotes Radical Economic Transformation (RET) and speaks openly as the State President about Blacks uniting for Land Expropriation Without Compensation (LEWC).

Zuma also gets his Minister of Mines, Mosebenzi Zwane, to publish a Mining Charter that says blacks must get 1% as cash of the mining trillions revenue annually plus we blacks must own 30% of the mines in 12 months.

Brian Molefe, Dr Ben Ngubane, and Matshela Koko have stopped loadshedding and are now moving on the 40 years cost plus contracts at ESKOM. They are saying they want 51% black ownership before they do business. They had just shown Glencore flames (this is the 3rd largest energy conglomerate globally). We are moving!

Zuma announces free education!

There is panic in London and Stellenbosch. White monopoly capital (WMC) is in shock and has chest pains. Robin Renwick speaks openly about the fears in London.

To add to their troubles, Zuma’s candidate for president to be elected at the NASREC conference has an obvious majority. Zuma’s supporters are pumped up on RET. Things are very bad for WMC.

So they sat and planned. Their advantage is that they have money and the RET forces are not well resourced. The first thing is to starve the RET forces of air time, so they shut down ANN7. Secondly they get rid of the Guptas because they are suspected of providing financial support to the RET project. Forget that there is no evidence of such support – capital believed it, so they acted on it.

They bought and unleashed opposition parties. They unleashed their media. They unleashed numerous civil society organizations which they formed and funded. They even bought a section of the FMF movement, which they unleashed systematically.

Still, their problem did not go away. The RET candidate was popular and clearly going to win in NASREC. So they used the only thing they have – money!

The decision was clearly made earlier on to use money to buy a President. They raised between half a billion and billion rands, some say. The Public Protector, Busisiwe Mkhwebane, puts it at about R440 million! This money bought the influence and decision making which had major consequences for the NASREC outcomes.

It is said that during the last days of NASREC, a certain chap who became a Minister in Ramaphosa’s Cabinet was zigzagging the city at night hopping from one hotel to another with bags full of cash to pay the ANC delegates to vote for Ramaphosa.

The NASREC conference was accordingly bought to vote into office a new State President for London and Stellenbosch. Our country is governed by a ruthless mafia and our president is their commodity. Our people vote for a bought commodity of WMC.

That’s how South Africa became a hijacked state.