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“They hijacked the state in day light” says Mngxitama

By BO Staff Writer

Referencing the leaked emails (#RamaphosaLeaks), Andile Mngxitama, the President of the radical black consciousness organization Black First Land First (BLF), said that Ramaphosa conspired with white monopoly capital (WMC) to buy the presidency of the ruling party in the December 2017 NASREC elective conference.

“Dear Blacks, do you realise what happened in NASREC in December 2017? The Mafia put together R1 billion and bought itself a state President. This is perhaps the biggest hijacking of government we have seen in the last 100 years!

Ramaphosa is a bought man. This is a humiliation of a people and subversion of the rule of law. They did it openly in day light”, Mngxitama said this morning on social media.

When asked “Who funded NDZ?”, Mngxitama responded, “find out and give us that info. We know who bought Ramaphosa and we won’t allow him to carry out their agenda”.

“[I] am of the view that those who ran the presidential race must come clean”, was the reply.

Mngxitama then explained, “yes they must. But right now we know for sure Ramaphosa is a bought man and he must go!”

“[H]e lied to parliament and the nation. He took corruption money and is involved in money laundering. Worse he has given the state to those who funded him. This is worse than (common) crime, its treason”, Mngxitama continued.

He clarified that key to Ramaphosa’s efforts is the protection he is accorded by the WMC media and judiciary. He also pointed to Pravin Gordhan’s central role in the conspiracy to buy the ANC Nasrec conference with Stellenbosch and London money

Yesterday BLF called on the African National Congress (ANC) to immediately suspend Ramaphosa as its President and to remove him as President of South Africa (SA). The movement said that the #RamaphosaLeaks had not been disputed and prove without a shadow of doubt that Ramaphosa is compromised, conflicted, and beholden to WMC. It cautioned that ‘there shall be no meaningful change in the lives of our people’ as long as this reality prevails.