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Venezuelan VP denounces total US blockade – urges unity

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By BO Staff Writer

On Monday, 5 August, U.S. President Donald Trump issued an executive order to impose the heaviest blockade historically imposed by Washington in 30 years against a sovereign state. The blockade includes escalating prior sanctions; and formalizing seizure of Venezuelan assets and properties based in the U.S.

Today, in response to the opposition’s claim that the measures are targeted at President Nicolas Maduro only, Delcy Rodríguez, the Venezuelan Vice President remonstrated:

“Is it really [about] Maduro? Or is it a total financial blockade against Venezuela? If you financially close Venezuela, how will the country buy its food and medicines?”

Evidently the blockade against Venezuela is criminal and intended: to destabilize dialogue between the opposition and government; to end other countries from cooperating with the Maduro led democratically elected government; and to force regime change in US imperialist interests.

The Venezuelan government says this is “the most grotesque and brazen looting in the contemporary history of international relations”.

It has called on the people to unite so as to fight imperialism’s economic and political terrorism.

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