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BLF honours Comrade Eliot “Malegs” Molefe

By BO Staff Writer

The following statement was previously published on the Black First Land First website and is now reissued by Black Opinion:

A true revolutionary is guided by commitment to the cause

History will record that the true heroes and heroines of our time are not the rich, the mighty, the “successful.” It is those who obscure racial consciousness; and fighters for black inspired socialism who live out their lives in poverty, suffering and unyielding struggle for a better world. Eliot Molefe is one such hero of our time, who the free emancipated society of the future will remember with love and honor.

Black First Land First, Gauteng (BLF-GP) would like to send our condolences to the family, close friends and comrades of the late leader Molefe. Leader Malegs’s only family was the BLF. We are indebted to him to honor his sacrifice, commitment and love for black people.

“Malegs” himself, who had the courage to be part of a community (both as a resident and as an activist) that led a successful land occupation in Ivory Park became a comrade of revolutionary stature. It is this kind of selflessness that’s needed in furthering the course of liberation in our life time. A humble soul who the wrath of whiteness had discarded, was welcomed into the revolutionary movement and never looked back. We are humbled to have walked this path with him and know that the Black God is with him.

Leader Molefe has always emphasized the need to free our people. In our first interaction with him he was quick to grasp the politics of the black experience. He understood the need to raise and address the problems facing blacks – problems of being economically exploited, socially discriminated against and landless, just because we are black.

Comrade Eliot “Malegs” Molefe passed away on Thursday (01 August 2019) and he will be laid to rest on Saturday 10 August 2019 in Ivory Park cemetery.

Death is the final destination for all the mortals. We are grateful for the role Leader Malegs played in our people’s lives.

Robala ka Kgotso Moetapele.

Our homeland or Death, we will win.
Izwe lethu.

Issued by BLF_GP

Provincial Secretary
Ntsako Mthethwa
063 124 5919

Head Of Communication
Simanga Mchunu
073 936 3211

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