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“Why is no one asking the President what was the return on investment by donors?”- asks Mngxitama

By BO Staff Writer

The CR17 campaign was given R1 billion by white monopoly capital (WMC) for Ramaphosa to buy the ANC Nasrec Conference which secured his election as President of the country,

Yesterday Andile Mngxitama, the President of the radical black consciousness movement Black First Land First (BLF), referred to the silence on the #RamaphosaLeaks as treasonous. He said with concern:

“Since the damning findings of the Public Protector, Busisiwe Mkhwebane, against President Ramaphosa there has developed a conspiracy of silence amongst the most vocal advocates of anti corruption”.

Mngxitama then asked:

“Where are the business leaders? Where is the church? Where is civil society? Why is the Democratic Alliance and the Economic Freedom Fighters speaking so softly that one can hardy hear their muffled voices”.

He continued: “Are all the leaders of South Africa bought like the State President is?”

“Even the media, apart from notable exceptions, has gone into a defensive mode”, he said.

Mngxitama laments that the media doesn’t ask the ethical questions anymore but instead seeks justification for the perpetrators being protected by the law.

“The narrative being pushed is that there is no law governing intra party lobbying through money”, he explained.

He points out that “[t]he ethical question not being asked is this: Is it okay to use money to influence the outcomes of an ostensible democratic process?”.

Moreover, “where did the billion rand go? What did those who got a part of the billion rand give in exchange? These are other big questions not being asked. An even bigger question is what was the return on investment by the donors or investors? A billion rand is serious money for serious services – why is no one asking the President what was the quid pro quo?” he asked.

Last week Ramaphosa acted on this “protective conspiracy of silence” by obtaining a Court Order to conceal his corruption. The Court has thus helped Ramaphosa hide the truth.

In closing, Mngxitama made a call for Ramaphosa to be removed from office. He said:

“Right now, the President looks increasingly like a mercenary whose legitimacy is only guaranteed by money that has silenced so many. The departure of the President is the only path open to a new bond between the people and their elected head of government.”

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