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Malema will flip flop today in Jozi

By Andile Mngxitama

Today the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality (Joburg Metro) will take a vote of no confidence against its Democratic Alliance (DA) mayor Herman Mashaba It must be remembered that the DA was handed the mayorship by the EFF. Last month Julius Malema told the nation this:

“We also discussed and took a decision that we are no longer working with the DA in all municipalities of South Africa where the DA requires the votes of the EFF. We’ll also not vote with the ANC”.

Today is the day that Julius Malema will show once more that he believes in nothing but money. He does not mean what he says. He only bargains. Contrary to what he said, he will vote for the DA.

Malema will vote for the retention of Mashaba for the simple reason that his apparent interests in the R3 billion fleet management tender is being protected. Sources from within the Joburg Metro claim that Malema has set up a number of front organisations which are given the said Metro’s tenders in exchange for the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) protecting Mashaba. Today Mashaba will be protected by the EFF yet again, despite what Malema had said because his financial interests have been secured.

White monopoly capital (WMC) has bought all the black political leaders, from the President to the opposition. Correctly as we speak, today the voting people of South Africa do not have representation in parliament on local government. Leaders are there for themselves and will do anything that their financial handlers demand. This is the worst development in our politics where leaders are for hire. Black political leaders are controlled by money. They believe in nothing but money. Correctly therefore, the official ideology of SA is money.

There is speculation as to why Malema promised not to vote for the DA again. We must remember that this was said shortly after the elections. The anticipated outcomes of the May 2019 elections in Gauteng didn’t materialise. The ANC won the province and consequently the grand coalition government did not happen.

It was expected that the ANC will lose Gauteng and this would have been used to bargain for a power sharing arrangement. When this didn’t happen, Malema changed his tactic and demanded the Tshwane Metro for himself in exchange for giving the DA the Joburg Metro. The whites of DA told Malema to get lost. He consequently lost it and declared that he is breaking away from the coalion. But the problem is the financial interests that he stands to lose in the event that he loses the protection of DA in the Joberg Metro. So he will flip flop and vote for the DA today.

There was a time that politicians cared to hide their contempt for the people. That time has long passed. They are now openly showing this contempt. They lie openly. They do not account for what they say. They don’t keep their promises to the voters. They are only loyal to money.

In today’s brazen act of going against what he has said, Malema will once again show that he flip flops at the slightest of whims. The sad truth is that because of this love for money, there shall be no change for black people in SA. We must forget about land expropriation without compensation. It won’t happen in the next five years.