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Is it “game over” for pro-imperialist President Macri of Argentina?

The victorious Alberto Fernández. Image: Washington Post

By BO Staff Writer

The official results of the Argentinian government’s candidates in the primary elections on 11 August 2019 were as follows: Alberto Fernandez of the Front of All coalition got 47.22 % of the votes; Mauricio Macri, the current President of Argentina, and leader of the ‘Together for Change’ party got 32.36 %; and the center-right Roberto Lavagna of the Justicialist Party got 8.39 %.

Argentine voters have clearly rejected President Macri’s severe economic policies outrightly in the primary elections. The outcomes of the primary elections clearly indicates that the ‘Front of All coalition’ opposition candidates – Alberto Fernández for president and former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, for vice president – are likely to defeat Macri in the election in October. The chances of Macri’s re-election in October are thus very slim. The defeat of Macri’s ruling party comes at a time when Argentina is experiencing a high prevalence of protests against the unprecedented levels of unemployment,retrenchments, substandard education, hunger and poverty.

Some predict that the results of the August 11 primary elections in Argentina indicates a political shift in Latin America, which is expected to reverse the right-wing gains in that region. It is also said to indicate a setback for the Trump led US administration.

The regime of Argentina’s President Macri together that of Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro; and Colombia’s President Iván Duque are all led by the U.S. via President Donald Trump against the democratically elected governments of Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Cuba. During his tenure as President, Macri surrendered the economy of Argentina to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that in turn gave him a loan of $57 billion so that he can honor the national debt installments and thereby secure his re-election. The imperialist plan has backfired on this first round.

It is also instructive that the leftist, anti-imperialist coalition – namely the ‘Left and Workers’ Front’ – obtained 3 % of the vote which is enough to play a significant role towards radical change.

Post the primary elections, Macri went into a lying panic, vowing to slash the income taxes of workers and raise the subsidies of social services. In the meanwhile, Brazil’s right wing President Bolsonaro, has threatened a huge migration of Argentinians to Brazil should Alberto Fernández’s Bolivarian party win in the October 2019 elections.