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FARC-EP and ELN to unite against repressive Columbian state

By BO Staff Writer

Plans are underway to unite the progressive forces in Columbia behind the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia—People’s Army (FARC-EP), against the oligarchy of that country. The leader of FARC-EP, Jesus Santrich, denounced Colombian President Duque’s betrayal of the 2016 Peace Accord. In a new statement issued yesterday, he said:

“The State that does not respect its commitments does not deserve the respect of the International Community, nor of its own people”.

He pointed out that the objective of the rearmed FARC-EP was not to challenge those “respectful of popular interests, but the oligarchy”. He accused President Duque of treason and described the state as “corrupt, mafia and violent.”

He indicated FARC-EP’s intention to establish a transitional government. To this end they plan to immediately coordinate a program with the National Liberation Army (ELN), as well as with those guerrillas who have not given up the fight for the homeland.

FARC-EP concluded a peace accord with the Colombian Government of the former President Juan Manuel Santos in November 2016. The guerrillas were reportedly tricked into abandoning their 50 year arm struggle via conditions that the Colombian Government reneged on. Since signing the peace accord more than 150 guerrillas and about 500 other leaders in Columbia sympathetic to the cause were assassinated.

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