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Dear Nigerian brothers and sisters

Those who sell drugs, please we don’t want that thing here. Stop it!

But as for your decision on businesses like Shoprite owned by Christo Wiese, MTN in which Cyril Ramaphosa has investments, and others – please note that we have no interest in them. In fact, in South Africa (SA) they are owned by the people who are making us hungry. They fire black South Africans and employ our brothers and sisters from outside SA on starvation wages.

These companies are responsible for the black on black violence you see. So we are happy to see you taking action. Go ahead, we are cool with that.

As you decide on the fate of these multinationals, we ask you to read Matthew 3:11 for guidance.

We thank you.

Peace amongst Africans.

And Oh! Can some of you also stop telling us about how you helped us during apartheid? It strikes us as an arrogant sense of entitlement.

Thanks again.

Andile Mngxitama
Black First Land First (BLF): President