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Cuba condemns US cyber attacks against it

Minister Miguel Rodriguez at the UN | Photo credit: Prensa Latina

By BO Staff Writer

At a United Nations General Assembly meeting held yesterday, Miguel Rodriguez, Cuba’s Minister of Communications, condemned the actions by the US to intensify the anti Cuba media campaign.

Rodriguez further cautioned that the aggressive US blockade, cyber attacks and media campaigns against Cuba are out of kilter with the principles of the UN protocols and international law.

The Minister complained that the US is engaging in “unilateral measures” to prevent Cuba access to communication technology through the imposition of an economic, financial and commercial blockade on the island nation. He pointed out that in one year alone (2019), the US generated 865 hours on a weekly basis of anti-Cuba propaganda via 21 of its radio and television channels.

For about 20 years, the US has launched attacks on a number of “enemy countries” to overthrow them. Its list of enemies comprise of China, Russia, Venezuela, North Korea, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Yemen, Cuba, Nicaragua and Bolivia. Economic, military, and political criteria are taken into account by imperialist strategists in the determination of which country features on the said list.

The US regards Cuba as an adversary on its list of enemies because it has a progressive foreign policy approach and a radical socio-economic perspective that is opposed to the US-sponsored neo-liberal regimes in Central and South America, as well as in the Caribbean. Moreover Cuba has great military capabilities and can rely on international support and solidarity. Also its military includes a militia of a million members and is capable of prolonged resistance. And off course, there’s significant popular support for the country’s ‘socialized’ economy, its great public education, excellent health care and radical foreign policy. (See Prof. James Petras in “America’s Enemies, Who’s On the List?”)

In September 2018 the US authorized the utilization of cyber operations and weapons against Cuba.

“We reject these aggressive practices and cyber attacks,” Rodriguez said.

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