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Mogoeng vs the London noisemaker

By BO Staff Writer

The juxtaposition of Chief justice Mogoeng Mogoeng’s approach on the question of violence amongst black people, with that of Julius Malema, the leader of the Reds of London, indicates obvious differences .


Speaking to graduates at their graduation ceremony at the University of KwaZulu-Natal on Thursday Mogoeng, who is also UKZN’s chancellor, said very strongly that South Africans are not xenophobic, they are just desperate and hungry.

“South Africans are not xenophobic, it’s not denialism. Let me explain to you what I am talking about. Why is it that it was in 2008 that the largest African-on-African attack happened and why is it that a large-scale attack of that nature is happening in 2019? Is there something that correlates?” Mogoeng said.

“Let us stop saying things that people will clap hands for, we have problems to solve here, not to be celebrities and populists. There was an economic problem in 2008 and there’s a serious economic problem now. Many people have been retrenched, there are no jobs and life is expensive,” he explained.

Mogoeng pointed out that people commit violence attacks against each other, like that evidenced recently in the Johannesburg CBD, because they are desperate.

“Desperate people resort to desperate measures. I am not saying these people mustn’t be punished. No, every crime must be punished because it projects South Africa in a very bad way… as a country and people who are incapable of addressing their problems,” he elaborated

“Why are intellectuals who are South African not attacking other intellectuals from other African countries. Why are executives in the corporate sector not attacking other Africans in the corporate sector?” he asked.

It’s because, “[t]hey have things to eat, they have jobs, they have opportunities,” he resolved.

Mogoeng cautioned that the resolution of the question of violence, cannot be based simply on the premise that people must be taught to love each other. It will take more than that.


Let’s take the self righteous attitude of the Mazzoti boy and compare it with the sound argument of the Chief Justice. Malema’s approach can be described by the phrase “Empty vessels make the most noise”. He blames the victims of white monopoly capital (WMC) exploitation, for their situation.

While addressing the people at an event hosted by his organization on Thursday, Malema, unlike Mogoeng as accounted for above, was contemptuous towards local blacks. He mocked them for being people who don’t own land yet have that audacity to ask foreign nationals to leave SA.

“You are renting. You are marching from the hostels, beating up people and telling them to leave South Africa, yet you do not own your own land. You are paying rent in that hostel, you can be removed yourself,” Malema said with intolerance.

Is this man not renting for free from Adriano Mazzotti the tobbaco smuggler and tax dodger?
Malema also scornfully reprimanded local blacks for attacking undocumented ‘foreign nationals’ saying that they too don’t own South Africa.

“You go around claiming this is your country, let’s go outside and show me papers that confirm that you are the owner of this country. There is nothing. You don’t own anything. Yet you call people foreigners. You are a foreigner yourself,” he ranted

Again, unlike Mogoeng, Malema does not painstakingly explain the situation that the people are in and what must be done. He scolds and blames the people for all the ills that are brought to bear upon them as a result of the anti blackness of white supremacy. All we get from him are insults directed at the poor from whom he and those close to him loot for their Louis Vuitton lifestyles.

“You are telling people to leave your country, you come from an apartment, you come from a flat, you come from a house, you have no paper. When you get back home, after taking out Zimbabweans, the white man will be at the door showing you the way out,” Malema said with contempt.

Note that despite Malema’s capacity to confront WMC, which he sometimes blames for the “xenophobia”, there is no real intention and action on his part, to take the fight to WMC. Malema and his ilk thrive on ridiculing the poor.


Quite evidently the revolutionary thinking of Mogoeng far outweighs the cheap populism of the London Noisemaker.