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The Afrikaners used the apartheid state

By Andile Mngxitama

It’s not true that the Afrikaners built their institutions on their own. The apartheid state built Afrikaner institutions such as banks, insurance companies, and universities. Let me repeat that, it is the Apartheid State that built Afrikaner institutions!

Furthermore, through preferential treatment in job situations (which continues), apartheid created an anti black labour aristocracy which today is a part of the racist trade union, Solidarity. The resource mobilization capability of Afrikaners is directly linked to the advantages of the apartheid state.

Actually it’s blacks who have been building their own institutions which during the apartheid state were mostly sabotaged by the State. We won’t forget how hospitals and other institutions built by Steve Biko were sabotaged. Today most institutions built by blacks are sabotaged by white monopoly capital (WMC). I have witnessed the senseless demolitions of big beautiful houses built by blacks without state support.

In the USA the same thing happened with the “Black Wall Street”. Blacks had built themselves the most affluent community which was self-sufficient in Oklahoma, USA. Schools, hospitals, golf courses were built. Then in June 1921 whites erased this grand achievement with bombs and fire. They erased the “Black Wall Street” and murdered over 300 black people! If you are not free, your economic success can lead to your murder!

Where am I going with this? While it’s true that we must strive to build our own institutions, we shall however not succeed at the scale needed without us first taking hold of the State. We blacks need social reconstruction, not piecemeal interventions. The Afrikaners are still using the benefits of a State which they created to oppress us.

We need schools, universities, hospitals, houses, roads and proper education. It is the function of the State to respond to ALL these needs. So, what remains to be done is that we must make the revolution and build a totally responsive State – a Sankarist State!

I just wanted to dispel the notion that the Afrikaners are building institutions and blacks are not. Whilst self help is critical to building confidence and so on, it is not the solution to the social development deficit of blacks.

Revolution makhom…

Andile Mngxitama, is the President of Black First Land First (BLF) which is a revolutionary black consciousness movement.