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US escalates sanctions against Iran via draconian measures

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif | Photo: EPA-EFE/MURTAJA LATEEF

By BO Staff Writer

On 20 September the United States (US) President Donald Trump announced the imposition of huge sanctions on the Iran National Bank which entailed levying the biggest tax thus far against another country. Moreover in terms of these sanctions all sources of funds to Iran, not limited to their sovereign wealth fund, will be cut. Trump is punishing the Iranian government for alleged recent attacks on a Saudi refinery in respect of which Yemen factions had confessed they had executed.

It is strongly believed that economic sanctions are imposed by the US so as to avoid direct conflict for now against the Iranian government. Trump has however cautioned that the use of military force is still an option for the US.

Since the US broke away from the nuclear deal with Iran in May last year, it has been intensifying its sanctions against the Islamic Republic, under the guise of its war on terror.

For almost 2 decades, the US has executed attacks on numerous countries that feature on its list of enemies, to overthrow them. It has accordingly launched its attacks based on the category of priority and how vulnerable the enemy country was for a ‘regime change’ operation. Economic, political and military criteria are taken into account by US imperialist strategists in determining the different categories of priority.

Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran and Syria are on the highest category of the US enemy list. Iran, on its part, has huge oil resources; is politically independent; is allied geo-politically in the Middle East; and is seen as an independent alternative for oil in the world. This serves as a huge threat to the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israeli domination of the Middle East. Evidently this is the source of the war raged by the US on Iran.

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