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#NoMoreTrump Campaign mobilizes in streets of Caracas

Photo: Telesur

By BO Staff Writer

Yesterday the #NoMoreTrump Campaign, which has collected over 13 million signatures, led a protest march in the streets of Caracas against the United States (US) blockade on Venezuela. The march was supported by thousands of Venezuelans and culminated in front of the state prosecutor’s office in Caracas.

Venezuelans also protested the alliance between the US imposed interim president Juan Guaido and the Colombian criminal gang ‘Los Rastrojos’. To this end photographs and videos that emerged this week, prove that Guaido had posed with Los Rastrojos on February 22 as he departed from Venezuela for Colombia where he attended the Venezuela Live Aid concert the next day.

The campaign was launched by President Maduro in August this year after Trump signed an executive order which effectively seized the country’s state assets in the US. Moreover the assets seized included the CITGO company, which is a subsidiary of PDVSA (Venezuela’s state-owned oil company), thereby robbing Venezuela of $US12 billion. It is instructive that according to the Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza this money could have been used to “pay for five full years of food and medicine for the Venezuelan population”.

Addressing the protest rally President Nicolas Maduro said, “I congratulate the immense anti-imperialist mobilization of our people that flowed into the streets of Caracas in a beautiful act of love and patriotism to hand in 13,287,742 signatures for peace and national sovereignty”.

A letter accompanied by the signed petitions will be handed by Delcy Rodrigues the Vice President and Arreaza the Foreign Minister – to Antonio Guterres the United Nations General Secretary, at the U.N. General Assembly meeting scheduled for this coming week.

According to Vice President Rodriguez the petition “expresses the will of a people who want peace, progress, tranquility and above all, a free and sovereign homeland.”

In the meanwhile the recent US economic blockade against Venezuela has reportedly resulted in about 40,000 people dying due to a lack of medical and other supplies from outside the country.