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Supra Mahumapelo on allegations of murder of Mr Bozwana

To All Media Houses:

On Fri, 18th September 2019, I received some questions from a journalist unknown to me, Aubrey of the Sunday World regarding allegations that I may be involved in the murder of the late Mr Bozwana according what he claimed was information at his disposal

In brief, I told the journalist that I will not respond to these allegations for three reasons:

1. It’s a complete fabricated lies made against me by some leaders of the ANC since my deployment as NW Premier in 2014/15

2. The allegations are part of a plan to destroy me in all forms of my existence by some ANC members and that this I will speak about in detail sometimes in the future

3. These are attempts to silence me from my vocal activism in ANC politics and such attempts will never succeed because I will never keep quite on things done wrongly in the ANC

I just hope that the resuscitation of these lies, is not part of what some of the ANC people have been saying that I must either be arrested or be killed and therefore preparing society for such an eventuality

On the approach adopted by this journalist and the Sunday World on this matter , I will exercise my rights on how to deal with such going forward

Supra Mahumapelo

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