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Huawei will bring 5G to Bolivia

By BO Staff Writer

Huawei, the Chinese tech giant, will provide technical support to ENTEL to make the 5G technology available in Bolivia’s three biggest cities. The Evo Morales’ government nationalized ENTEL in 2008.
An announcement that that the Huawei will work with ENTEL was made at a press conference held by Bolivia’s Minister for Public Works, Oscar Coca, at which an executive from Huawei was present.

“Many around the world are testing this technology. In Bolivia, ENTEL is the first to provide this unique feature, it has an infrastructure of more than 8,000 radiobases and 17 thousand kilometers of fiber optic cable installed throughout the country that allows it to reach high speeds and offer great benefits”, Coca said.

The Huawei-ENTEL joint venture will establish the 5G infrastructure in Bolivia. ENTEL has committed to a $70 million dollar investment and will assume leadership of the project.

The U.S. has applied pressure on other countries to remove Huawei as a 5G partner because it is a Chinese company. It told the UK not to partner with Huawei, and cautioned that if they did it would no longer share with the British government critical intelligence.

The US antagonistic approach to Huawei is characteristic of its trade war on China aimed at stunting its economic growth.

Bolivia is undeterred and will be partnering with Huawei. The country has consistently in recent years been strengthening its relations with China. As an alternative to US hegemony, President Morales has indicated his intention to strengthen and promote multipolarity.