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Grade 9 certification is about dumping struggling learners & improving matric results

By Andile Mngxitama

This Grade 9 certification story of the Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, is just rubbish. It is the biggest fuck up of the week. You can’t glorify a system which is failing and try to make virtue out of adversity. Out of the 1 million children who start school, less than half of them reach Grade 12. So instead of answering this high level of attrition, the government glorifies leaving school at Grade 9?

This scheme will serve to artificially push up the matric pass rate as the struggling learners would be dumped at grade 9. Where are the discarded supposed to go? Are we able to give quality training at technical schools? Are our universities producing graduates who are functional and self sufficient?

Defenders of Mme Angie’s Grade 9 story are telling us that the Further Education and Training (FET) and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) offered at colleges are a great education option. I don’t know which is worse – Angie’s system to kick out weak learners so as to boost the matric pass rate, or her supporters who are presenting FETs and TVETs as paragons of further, vocational, and technical education for all Grade 9 school leavers to attain a brighter future. Really?

Minister Motshekga says that the Grade 9 school leavers certificate is intended to deal with the high failure and drop out rates. That’s honest! It is about certifying the dysfunctionality of the schooling system, instead of fixing it.

The Head of the Wits School of Education, Professor Mary Metcalfe, says it’s about giving those who can’t go further a certificate to pursue another route. This is white liberalism deceit. She is lying. This thing is about improving matric results by dumping struggling learners in Grade 9. These people are both stupid and evil…

No, we must not be too clever to a point of providing an alibi for neo apartheid for the destruction of the black child. We have a national crisis amounting to the Educational Genocide of the Black Child. Piecemeal solutions won’t do.