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BLF denounces U.S. sanctions on Guptas and Essa

By BO Staff Writer

The following statement was previously published on the Black First Land First website:

Black First Land First (BLF) denounces the sanctions imposed on the Guptas, and their associate Salim Essa by the U.S. for their close links to former President Jacob Zuma and allegedly using that relationship to benefit financially and influence appointments to senior posts.

We condemn with contempt the blocking of the property and interests therein of the Guptas and Essa (that is within the U.S) which effectively bars those designated from conducting any business in the U.S. or with any American company internationally.

The global war to consolidate white imperialist power via puppet leaders is intensifying. The West has targeted the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). SA under President Zuma’s agenda posed a serious threat to western dominance over the country. Hence Zuma had to be replaced by their puppet. We have witnessed how Western imperialism operates through institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) via economic terrorism and political instability

We have not forgotten how in SA economic terrorism has been conducted on the Guptas labeling them the most corrupt institution responsible for state capture and thereby forcing them out. The campaign was pushed via the white owned media at the instance of white settler monopoly capital in cahoots with western imperialism.

White monopoly capital wanted the Guptas (who only supplied 5% of ESKOM’s coal needs) out of, for instance, mining so that white dominance (which supplies 95% of ESKOM’s coal needs) over the sector could be protected.

Those that called for the Guptas to go were silent on white corruption. Johan Rupert and others have stolen R26 billion from the South African Reserve Bank (SARB). Despite various actions by BLF including charging Rupert and others for corruption, nothing has been done to the WMC perpetrators.

We know that those whites who stole R26 billion from SARB (which falls under the Ministry of Finance), are the same whites who forced the ANC to appoint Pravin Gordhan as Minister of Finance.

Also Pravin Gordhan, the current Public Enterprises Minister, is a shareholder in several businesses which forced the ANC to appoint him as the Minister of Finance. Gordhan, compromised by his business links with white capital, was the public face of the “Zuma must go” campaign to destabilize the BRICS process via regime change.

Zuma was problematic to white capital. He was seen as too close to BRICS and the Guptas. We witnessed a collaboration of the global anti BRICS process with the anti Gupta local white capital campaign to get rid of Zuma via a Brazilian like coup of Dilma Rousseff.

Making Zuma and the Guptas the enemy was a strategy that distracted us with side issues to protect white capital. Evidently that strategy is still in operation .

BLF stands in solidarity with the Guptas and Essa. We say Hands Off The Guptas and Essa!

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)

11 October 2019

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