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Zuma goes to trial – it’s not about justice, it’s about silencing RET

By BO Staff Writer

As expected President Zuma’s application for a permanent stay of prosecution in the corruption trial, was dismissed with costs yesterday. This means that the trial will now start in the case which on the surface relates to the Thales company deal.

Following the relevant jurisprudence the Court was compelled in this application to consider amongst others the length of delay; reasons for the delay; Zuma’s right to a speedy trial; and prejudice suffered by Zuma.

In this context, the unfavourable public perception of Zuma brought about by the white owned institutions which adversely impacts on his right to a fair trial; and political interference in that Thabo Mbeki and Justice Minister Maduna conspired to influence the NPA to unfairly prosecute Zuma – were some of the strong factors in favour of Zuma’s application.

If this were a country where the judiciary was independent and not beholden to white monopoly capital (WMC), a proper weighing of the relevant factors by the Court would undoubtedly have led it to grant the application before it.

But the South African judiciary is captured by WMC in collusion with imperialism that wants Zuma destroyed because he is the father of radical economic transformation (RET) who is seen to be too close to BRICS and the Guptas which threatens enemy interests.

It’s not about justice. It’s a political battle. It is about silencing RET forces. The courts are defending WMC.

Jacob Zuma now goes to trial. The WMC courts will again rule against him. It’s a foregone conclusion.

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