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Ecuador’s president Moreno hands security controls over to military

Photo credit: Durango Herald

By BO Staff Writer

The Moreno led government of Ecuador has given the country’s security controls to the military and police until 15h00 today at which time a decision will be made on how long that situation should prevail.

More specifically a presidential decree was issued handing over to the military ‘the state of exception’. To this end a curfew of 24 hours (or however long the national state of exception lasts) was imposed preventing the movement of people in the country in ‘’sensitive areas’ and ‘public spaces’, beginning from 3:00 p.m. on Saturday.

These harsh restrictions come at a time of heightened people’s uprising in the country’s capital, Quito against the neo liberal policies of Morena including his imposition of austerity measures and fuel subsidy cuts at the behest of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The people also want Morena and the interior minister to step down. The uprising, which has been going on for 10 days, is led mainly by the Ecuadorean Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (Conaie).

The National Assembly has suspended all its functions since last week Monday. On Saturday it announced on Twitter that it will hold ‘a special session’ on 14 October at Salinas, near Guayaquil.

In the meanwhile many former U.S. puppet leaders in Latin America, including Columbia’s ex President Alvaro Uribe and Ecuador’s ousted President Lucio Gutierrez, have pledged their support for the Moreno regime. The have declared that Ecuador’s uprising is directed by President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

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