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Haiti: uprising heightens to end IMF measures & force President Moïse’s resignation

Photo credit: omegaworldnews

By BO Staff Writer

On Sunday thousands of protesters, led by Haitian musicians, marched in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, demanding the resignation of President Moïse. The march started in front of the Rex Theater in Champ de Mars, near the National Palace, and proceeded to Petion-Ville in close proximity to Moïse’s residence.

Since September 16 this year the people have taken to the streets in protest (on almost a daily basis) in Port-au-Prince, and other inland cities. Furthermore, on 11 October 2019, 107 progressive Haitian organizations and other entities called for President Moïse to step down via a memorandum through which they asked for a ‘national rescue government for a successful transition’.

As part of a planned mobilization plan, on Sunday opposition parties called for protests to intensify  over the next five consecutive days to force President Moïse’s resignation. This includes a day (Tuesday) to show solidarity with the victims of repression; a day (Wednesday) to hold a national funeral for those killed during the protests; and a day (Thursday) to conduct a ‘general uprising of the popular and peasant masses’ and to commemorate the death of the Caribbean leader, Jean-Jacques Dessalines.

Haiti is in a crisis. The Haitian people are rising up against the unbearable conditions brought about by the neo liberal policies of the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Fuel and food shortages; elimination of the fuel subsidy; increased poverty and unemployment rates; high inflation levels; homelessness; theft by President Moise of $2 billion from Venezuelan aid given to the country; and the Haitian government’s decision to reject Nicholas Maduro as the President of Venezuela, in favour of the U.S puppet Juan Guaidó, are some of the main factors driving the uprising. Moreover the crisis has been compounded by the effects of the recent natural disasters that country has experienced.

Quite clearly the people have had enough. They not only want President Moise to step down as the front office manager for capitalist imperialism, they also want to bring about the end to the looting by this ruling class via its instruments, the WB and the IMF.

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