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White crowdfunding campaign pays suspended salary of racist Bateman

Image credit: Citizen

By BO Staff Writer

There’s no consequences for the conduct of Barry Bateman, the EWN reporter, who called Malema a ‘p**s’ on September 10. To this end the one month’s salary that Bateman has been denied for his wrongdoing has been given to him via a white initiated crowdfunding campaign.

On Tuesday Jonathan Witt, one of the founders of radio program Renegade Report, appealed on Twitter for donations to be paid to Bateman’s bank account to recover the loss of his salary.

“My friend, and journalist, @barrybateman has been suspended without pay following an incident last month for which he has apologised. If you’re able to help him make ends meet this month please consider making a donation,” he said.

Earlier Witt expressed his discontent at the apology made by Bateman suggesting that he had done so under duress and not voluntarily. On Wednesday he announced that funds equivalent to a month’s salary has been raised to cover Bateman’s suspended salary.

Andile Mngxitama, the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness (BC) organization, said that this matter further clarifies the ubuntu of whites.

“White people have crowdfunded within a day to pay the salary of the racist journalist who was fined one month’s salary. Whites don’t agree with each other on all issues but they know what’s fundamental to their existence. They have ubuntu. They stole this ubuntu from us. They use it amongst themselves. Blacks on the other hand are left with haters who are easily bought with money. Have you seen how whites are showing the “Zuma must go brigade” white love? Do you know some black people supported and applauded the racist FF+ campaign to get BLF banned? Whites got ubuntu for whites”, Mngxitama explained.

Clearly the funds raised for Bateman suggests that the penalty imposed on him will have no deterrent effect. This sends a very strong signal – that whites can act with impunity.