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Mashaba stupid to think DA isn’t racist, Maimane is deluded

Credit image: News24

By BO Staff Writer

Helen Zille, former Democratic Alliance (DA) leader, has been elected as the chairperson of the party’s federal council (FedCo) in a meeting over the weekend.

Post the meeting, DA leader Mmusi Maimane congratulated Zille on her election as the party’s FedCo chairperson. He said that the event “presents an opportunity for renewal and change for the DA”; and looked forward to “the new energy, ideas, and vigour that Helen will bring to the leadership collective of the party”. He urged everyone in the DA to unite with Zille towards their “common purpose”.

Andile Mngxitama, the President of the black consciousness (BC) organization, Black First Land First (BLF) was quick to respond.

“Let me repeat. One day honest observers will report that when others (EFF) called the anti black capitalist DA the “better devil” and went into political coalitions with it, it was BLF that forced the “better devil” to show its true colors. Mmusi Maimane is a deluded puppet”, he said

Within hours of Zille’s election as FedCo chairperson on Sunday, the City of Joburg announced that Herman Mashaba would be briefing the media today.

Mashaba had apparently cautioned the DA Gauteng leaders in advance that he would resign as Joburg mayor and as DA member, in the event that Zille wins the elections for FedCo Chair.

He is further reported to have indicated that Zille is a racist. He is also unhappy at Zille detesting Maimane; and having links with the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) who in turn want Maimane replaced by a white man. He suggests that both Zille and the IRR are right-wing elements.

“Someone please ask Herman Mashaba when was the DA ever not a racist party?”
Mngxitama asked on social media.

“BLF has exposed the lie that white political parties represent black interests. Blacks must now stop pretending to be free and embrace black first”, he advised.

Mngxitama then admonished Mashaba. “He is stupid to think that the DA is anything but an extreme right wing anti black white supremacist organization. He joined a racist right wing party and it made him a mayor. Now he is resigning because the same party is racist and right wing? Herman, also sit down…”, he said.

Moreover, “[t]he black vote and black leadership has become irrelevant to the DA. This is thanks to the position that BLF has forced into South African politics. BLF’s position on the race question compelled whites to abandon the insipid DA for the more pro white Freedom Front Plus. The current unraveling of the DA is a function of white supremacy to try to regain the white vote lost to the FF+”, he clarified.