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BLF said after they finish Zuma they coming for their stooges, Malema is next

By Andile Mngxitama

In 2014 I cautioned in a Mail & Guardian article, “If I were Brother Mmusi, I would have my plan B ready”.

How did Black First Land First (BLF) know as far back as 2014 that the whites of the Democratic Alliance (DA) will fire Mmusi Maimane? How does BLF know that the whites of white monopoly capital (WMC) that Julius helped against Zuma are coming for Majuju? It’s easy. If you have Black Consciousness (BC), you are equipped to understand white power and how it operates.

We defend all black people who get attacked by the white power structure. But such blacks have a corresponding responsibility to confess, repent and come back home. Mmusi Maimane was removed by his white bosses – I’m struggling to see this as an attack. He is hurt because he can no longer help the white system to oppress and deceive black people. He is an unrepentant servant of white power. To be more specific – Maimane is not the enemy, he is an unrepentant servant of the enemy.

Yes, we must defend all black people. But we must also call out the sellouts. Some of us have been warning about the DA for a long time. Inherent in the principle of peace amongst blacks, is the essential condition that we don’t engage in any action that empowers the enemy. Furthermore we MUST as blacks call each other out in a manner that doesn’t empower the enemy. But principally,  blacks must account to blacks.

Please everyone, let’s keep it real. It’s BLF that forced the DA to drop the black mask. It was us that exposed the DA as a party of white supremacy. BLF forced whites to abandon the feeble DA for the openly pro white FF+. The DA understands this truth.

The removal of black leadership in the DA right now is an expression of the logic of white supremacy so as to recover the white vote taken by the FF+. The DA has no use for the black vote and black leadership. BLF has exposed white political parties for not representing black interests. So these racist parties can‘t pretend anymore to serve black interests. It’s therefore important for black people to stop pretending that they are free and embrace black first!

If you wish to understand more about what’s happening in the DA, focus on the obsession of the racist Freedom Front Plus (FF+) with BLF. Let me help you all again. Mmusi has not resigned. Mmusi was fired! Athol Trollip, the white man, resigned! There is a big difference here. Let’s get that right.

The DA has consistently ensured that white people are well represented.  The purging of blacks is part of that process. Majuju called them the “better Devil” and led his party to vote the DA into power in Tshwane. The DA went on to appoint an almost all white mayoral committee of Tshwane and systematically delivered to whites. Majuju‘s party took no responsibility for this disservice to blacks.

It took blacks some 350 years to nominally remove whites from political office. Malema sold the votes of blacks to the DA, and whites got right back to political office. Thanks Majuju!!!

We told the Zuma must go brigade that once you have served the white agenda, your handlers are coming for you – the Louis Vuitton slaves are next. We told them that white power is consistent. You call it the “better Devil”? You will see flames. Yes, next is Majuju. The VBS looters will be made to account.

BLF said, after Zuma them ypepo are coming for their stooges…

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.