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DA: on the firing of Maimane and white solidarity

Photo credit: News24
By BO Staff Writer
A review of the May 2019 election performance of the Democratic Alliance (DA), which was commissioned by Mmusi Maimane, recommended that he steps down as he failed to deliver as the party leader.
The DA’s national vote declined from 22.23% in 2014, to 20.77% in 2019 after losing a significant chunk of white votes to the Freedom Front Plus (FF+) and failing to increase the black vote. The subsequent by-elections indicate a continuation of the situation.
The review further recommended that James Selfe, the former federal chairperson, and Paul Boughey, the CEO, resign. Both Selfe and Boughey resigned. Notably Selfe was made the party’s head of the governance unit.
On Monday, Herman Mashaba resigned both as a member of the party and as the Mayor of Johannesburg following Helen Zille’s election over the weekend as Federal Council chairperson. Mashaba claimed that the DA undermined his coalition administration and refused to recognize the role of race in poverty and inequality. Maimane subsequently saluted Mashaba calling him “a hero”.
On Wednesday Maimane announced his “resignation” as the DA leader. The DA’s federal chairperson, Athol Trollip, thereafter resigned.
“And in the end we have come to the conclusion that despite my best efforts, the DA is not the vehicle best suited to take forward the vision of building one South Africa for all”, Maimane said.
It must be stated that Maimane’s hope to continue serving as the party’s parliamentary leader until the end of the year, was reportedly rejected by the DA yesterday.
Trollip’s resignation, as suggested by him, was to take responsibility for the party’s poor performance in the May 2019 elections. To this end he defended the DA as the only alternative to the ruling party.
On Thursday the DA’s chief whip John Steenhuisen, also resigned. “The chief whip is appointed by the leader. Since he (Miamane)announced his resignation from Parliament, my term ends”, he said.
Andile Mngxitama, the President of Black First Land First (BLF) a radical black consciousness organization, clarified the situation. ”Let’s get this straight. Mmusi has not resigned. Mmusi was fired! The white people, Athol Trollip, John Steenhuisen, and Paul Boughey resigned! There is a big difference here”, he said.
He pointed out that, “[t]he removal of black leadership in the DA is a function of white supremacy so as to regain the white vote taken by the FF+. The party has no use for the black vote and black leadership”.
Moreover Mngxitama urged that we take counsel from Steve Biko’s basic principles of Black Consciousness:
“Trollip and Steenhuisen resigned to save the DA, not in solidarity with Maimane. They are throwing Maimane even deeper under the bus. The pseudo resignations by the DA’s federal chairperson, Chief Whip, and CEO serve to deflect attention from the deep seated anti black and racist nature of the DA. These whites will be back after the elective conference. Maimane is gone for good! Ypypo are evil. Without BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS you won’t know this truth. This is BC101”, he said