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Mmusi Maimane is not a Black person

By Botsang Modimo-wame Moiloa
If your head is clear about the teachings of Steve Biko regarding Black Consciousness (BC) and that of Brother Leader Malcolm X in relation to house negroes, you will clearly understand why I am not yet supporting and fighting on the side of Mmusi Maimane.
Some of us are very clear. We are not going to be fooled to defend pigmentation blindly. Maimane must come out clean to deserve our support and defence. And we shall do it unreservedly for Blacks First and for Blacks Only.
For now, he is not Black but a non white pushing the ideas and policies of whites. He acts in the interests of whites. He is a typical house negro who is unworthy of our energy to defend him. His handlers who brainwashed him to be anti-black are puking on him. Let him cleanse himself and denounce these right-wingers first. We cannot be blackmailed by sellouts or their followers.
I am not a politician. I am an activist – a rebel with a just cause. And this just cause entails a struggle against the injustices of slavery, colonialism and apartheid – all of which in turn gave birth to the Freedom Charter (FC) and the Democratic Alliance (DA). Yes, the FC is a product of a white supremacist system. In this context, my efforts and commitment are in furtherance of the realization of a just system – one that will ensure that Blacks are treated as human beings. And we can never ever be full human beings whilst we remain landless.
Maimane strives to ensure that the racist policies of the white DA are pushed and that Blacks remain landless. How can such a person be compared to me as a Black man? How can Maimane, a man who serves; maintains; and perpetuates the interests of whites against that of Blacks, be regarded as a Black person? Maimane is a house negro, a non white, a sellout!
Botsang Modimo-wame Moiloa is a political analyst.