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Save us from mediocre white racist journalism

By Botsang Modimo-wame Moiloa
Who on earth is Daniel Friedman? The article “Mngxitama mouthpiece publishes column claiming ‘Maimane is not a black person’”, published in the Citizen on Saturday, indicates serious irresponsibility and lack of professionalism on the part of the reporter, Daniel Friedman. This reportage lacks accuracy and fairness in many respects. Moreover, Friedman violates the most basic requirement of journalism, namely; “[v]erify information before releasing it”.
Daniel Friedman, is clearly exploiting his white privilege to write drivel. He is like all those other lazy journalists who rely on social media to write stories and to this end have no commitment to use original authorities.
Now let me expose this white lazy writer who is seeking relevance by writing an uninspiring and provocative piece based on the article “Mmusi Maimane is not a Black person” which was published in “Black Opinion “ on Friday. I wrote the latter article in my capacity as an independent Political Analyst. The slanderous article by Friedman was really unnecessary.
Firstly he is being deliberately derogatory so as to negate my message and view. He has reduced me to an iceboy by stating in the title of his article that my piece was written by “Mngxitama mouthpiece“. To this end the title of his article misled many readers while my piece clearly suggests that I wrote it in my capacity as a Political Analyst.
Secondly this white man describes my political movement, Black First Land First (BLF) as a deregistered Political Party when it is of public knowledge that the matter is currently before the Electoral Court on Appeal. Friedman further labels the BLF Leader as controversial. This is an unnecessary, baseless, slanderous and defamatory accusation.
Furthermore he states that in my Twitter Bio I “colourfully” describe myself as follows: “A Diplomat, Political Analyst, Public Speaker. An Author, a Father, a Buddhist, a Rebel, a non-conformist and a Pan Afrikanist”. But my description of myself is indeed everything that I unquestionably am. Friedman did not bother to verify any of the information but saw fit to label it as colourful as though it is an embellishment instead of the truth! This utterance smacks of racism to say the least. It is moreover deplorable.
It must be said that Friedman lacks investigative skills – a basic requirement in journalism. This is evident in the derogatory way in which he introduces his chosen topic. Woooow, white boy!
I hardly go Public even on social media (except as a quip or as a tongue in cheek) about two things in my life, my Career and my Love Life. I am very discreet when it comes to the two. Case in point is that many who know me as an independent Political Analyst do not even know who I work for, and that is by choice.
If this white Friedman knew journalism he could have easily searched, at least on Google, and asked who is Botsang Moiloa. He could have easily went to my Facebook page, my Linked-in account, or even asked his fellow journalists about my career and background. But since I am not here to publish my biography but to expose Friedman, I shall not elaborate on how in 1996 I was appointed as the First Black Vice-Consul of South Africa (SA) to Germany where I served in Frankfurt, Bonn and Berlin until June 2000.
I will further not expound on how in July 2000 I was Thabo Mbeki’s envoy and the first SA Diplomat (Charge ‘d Affairs) to the Republic of Rwanda. Friedman and his Citizen bourgeois paper could not even detect that in 2001, I was appointed as the Head of Corporate Services & Consular Affairs at the SA Embassy in Brazil where I served for just over 4 years. Wait, the bugger could not even pick up that I was stationed in Maputo – Mozambique from 2008 to 2010 for Action Aid Denmark and I am the author of Operation Coconut that was stolen by their sister newspaper The Sunday Times. So intent was he on belittling a Black man that he wrote a blithely, clumsy and uninspiring article.
So Friedman and the Citizen newspaper are not aware of my Biography (book) titled “Life With A Question Mark” that is all over social media, (Friedman’s supposed source of choice clearly) – a book that was featured on eNCA with Ayanda Allie Payne and sold over 500 copies in 3 months?
What Friedman does well, is to display typical colonialist tactics that thrive on confusion and division. He attempts to paint myself, the BLF and its President as not true Bikoists or Sankarists. He does so by linking my article to a statement issued by the EFF which has no connection whatsoever with my article. He makes this link for sensationalism and a desperate need for relevance. There was no need for him to dig into my article. It needed no further input from a racist white person like him. He is provoking divisions amongst Black people by creating an impression that I hate or was attacking Maimane when in fact I was explaining why he (Maimane) does not fit my description of a Black person.
Why on earth would this journalist link Botsang’s article to a statement made by the EFF? In compiling his piece of drivel, he actually quotes almost my entire article in inverted commas. He then questions my background, and quotes EFF’s statement. No independent thought nor awards will be gained here. This is where he shows his typical white mentality by trying to set up Black people against each other in defence of a non white Maimane. I am clearly a non conformist, yet he tries to make me conform to EFF’s statement as if the EFF is a representative of Blacks while it is a multi-racial political party that is equally scared of white people.
Friedman and his editor at the Citizen goes further to say “no evidence could be found online that he is, in fact, a diplomat.” Well, as the rest of us, save for Friedman, know that being a Diplomat is a career/profession not a post or job. When Doctors or an Engineers cease to practice in their respective fields for whatever reason, this does not deprive them of their titles or skills.
Of further concern to me is Friedman’s insinuation that I am a fake Diplomat or a pseudo Political Analyst who has only published on Black Opinion, and who has no history of any past public speaking engagements.
What a load of bile. I wonder which online site he researched as various radio and TV stations including Power FM, ANN7, SABC, SA FM, Northwest FM and CNBC-A to mention a few, have various recordings and articles I have done – some are even on YouTube regarding my analysis or opinions. Clearly this white dude is a fool of no description and he got excited to cut and paste then wrote nyoso.
To state that, “[t]he view expressed in the column is in contrast with that of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), which released a statement showing solidarity with Maimane following his departure from the DA”, is the most stupid thing to be referred to by the Citizen reporter.
I am not a member of the EFF, so why the above statement? Why on earth would a hard core Pan Afrikanist write along the same lines as a Charterist flip flopist EFF when my thinking and political ways and those of Julius Malema are worlds apart? I love Black people and I put Black people first! Julius wants to live in SA with white people and be equal to them. I want Land and I think Black. How can I want to live like whites and be equal to them when I have no land and economy as they it stole all?
The most decent thing the lousy Friedman could have done was to at least call me, (my cell number is public); or contact me on my Facebook page and ask me for clarity. Alternatively he could have done an interview with me on my background, or simply called DIRCO for information. But because his mind is tainted by racism and the desire to divide and rule as his ancestors have done, he failed to think constructively. Mr Friedman must rather stick to comedy and leave politics to us.
I maintain Mmusi Maimane is not a Black person, he is non white!
Botsang Modimo-wame Moiloa is a political analyst.