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The real reason for the U.S. intervention near oil fields in eastern Syria

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By BO Staff Writer
The recent U.S. decision to increase the presence of its troops near the oil fields in eastern Syria so as to allegedly deny the Islamic State access to the oil  is “international state banditry” under the guise of security concerns, according to the Russian ministry of defence . Moreover it is driven by a desire to protect oil smugglers and not by real security concerns.

The Russian ministry of defence announced on Saturday that tanker trucks filled to capacity with contraband oil depart Syria to other countries. Moreover, the profits generated by these illegal activities are transmitted to the bank accounts of para military entities and secret services of the U.S administration. The U.S. reportedly makes US$30m smuggling oil out of Syria.

The Putin administration of Russia on the other hand, which has consistently supported President Bashar Assad of Syria and in fact assisted him to counter the civil war, has declared its condemnation of the illegal U.S. military presence in Syria.

On Friday Mark Esper, the U.S. Defence Secretary, declared that the U.S. would deploy soldiers and armored vehicles near the eastern Syrian oil fields to stop them from being taken by the Islamic State militants.

“Absolutely all the deposits of hydrocarbons and other minerals located in the Syrian territory do not belong to IS terrorists, let alone to the ‘US defenders of IS terrorists’, but exclusively to the Syrian Arab Republic,” the spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Defence, Igor Konashénkov, said.

Furthermore there is no basis in either international or U.S. law, for U.S. military presence to protect and defend “hydrocarbon deposits belonging to Syria, from Syria itself and its people”, Konashénkov stressed.

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