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Bolivia post elections update: Argentina’s President denounces rejection of Morales’ victory

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By BO Staff Writer

On Saturday Argentinian President Alberto Fernández, remonstrated the non acknowledgement of the victory of Bolivian President, Evo Morales, whose legacy of the country’s economic transformation is unprecedented.

Fernández‘s denouncement follows the calls by the opposition of a second electoral round in Bolivia by the Organization of American States’ Observation Mission. President Fernandez pointed out that this undermines the existing institutions of countries in Latin American.

Bolivia’s opposition, in cahoots with U.S. imperialism, has instigated violent protests against the electoral results. It seeks to seize power from the ruling Movement to Socialism (MAS) and its leader.

President Morales on his part has called for an emergency meeting of progressive organizations as the opposition tries to reverse his electoral victory. He condemned the political instability as nothing else but attempts to remove him from power via a coup.

The full election results showed that the candidate of MAS, Morales, had won 47.08 % and a 10 % lead against the 36.51 % obtained by the U.S. backed candidate, Carlos Mesa, thus ratifying his reelection without the necessity of a second round.

The opposition’s empty allegation that the suspension of the preliminary count when a second-round was a possibility amounts to fraud, will evidently not hold. To this end the electoral authorities had long announced prior to the elections that the preliminary count unlike the full count will not be binding.

The Bolivian government has in response to the accusations asked the OAS as well as many regional governments to conduct an audit of the October 20 presidential election results which in turn started last Thursday and is expected to take about two weeks. The auditing process also includes the services of 30 different election specialists.

“They invented something called fraud, but no one has presented proof of fraud (…) Since they don’t know how to present (the evidence), they say ‘no, you have to cancel elections’ and others say ‘it was Evo’, ‘let Evo resign,’ Morales said.

Moreover in the Bolivian government “we are going to be respectful of the conclusions, to the OAS report … we expect it to be a technical-legal and non-political report,” he explained.

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