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Bolivia: Electoral Tribunal dismisses claims of fraud in election results

Photo credit: AFP / Aizar Raldes

By BO Staff Writer

On Friday the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) in Bolivia dismissed claims by the opposition that there was manipulation of the presidential election vote count. To this end it has denied that irregularities were committed in the vote count to assist Morales‘ re-election and avoid a second round.

The said tribunal attached significant weight to a report by the “Ethical Hacking” an entity which examined the votes and found no “alteration of the data” whatsoever.

So far three people have died and 300 have been injured in clashes between the U.S. backed opponents and anti neo liberal supporters of President Morales.

Opposition leader, Carlos Mesa, who was defeated by Morales in the presidential election of October 20, has condemned the election results as being fraudulent. He claimed that results were manipulated during a 24-hour period – at a time when the electoral count was suspended.

The TSE’s announcement follows three consecutive days of protests, which were preceded by weeks of sustained rioting, against Morales‘ re-election as President.

Morales has dismissed as reactionary all opposition demands for him to resign.

“The right says ‘Evo has to resign.’ I want to tell you, sisters and brothers, to all of Bolivia and the world, I will not resign,” Morales said on Friday at a public event.

“We are elected by the people and we respect the constitution,” he explained.

On Friday police officers in certain Bolivian cities declared defense mutinies and participated in the anti-government protests against the presidential election results.

A delegation from the Organization of American States (OAS) is currently in Bolivia auditing the election results which are expected to be released next week.

In the meanwhile the Bolivian government has reversed a huge joint lithium project with the German company ACISA. The project was critical for the plan of developing electric batteries by the German auto industry.

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