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President Morales resigns amid right wing coup against the Bolivian government

Photo credit: Spotlight Nepal

By BO Staff Writer

The Bolivian President and his Vice President have resigned to end the U.S. backed protests in the country.

Jeanine Añez, the opposition lawmaker and second deputy senate majority leader, will reportedly serve as the country’s Interim President. She announced that she will be calling for new elections on Monday.

Internationally, under the hashtag #ElMundoconEvo (the World with Evo) progressive leaders and organizations have declared their solidarity with Evo Morales and strongly denounced the imperialist led coup which compelled Morales to resign.

In this context the President of the Bolivia’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal has been arrested and the office of the Attorney General has issued warrants of arrest for the all leaders and members of the tribunal.

On Saturday opposition protesters destroyed the house of the sister of President Morales and that of two governors. They further seized two state owned media outlets. The Bolivia TV signal was also shut down for over eight hours.

Earlier on Sunday Morales, after consulting with various progressive organizations in the country, announced at a press conference in La Paz that he intends to replace Bolivia’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal and call for another national elections.

He is said to have made this announcement soon after the audit report of the Organization of American States (OAS) on the general elections of October 20 recommended that new elections be held.

“We all have the obligation to make Bolivia peaceful”, he said in response to the opposition protests against his victory in the presidential elections.

“All we have in Bolivia is the legacy of the people, and between Bolivians, we can’t come against each other to inflict harm,” he stressed.

However the rightwing opposition denounced his decision, and called for him to not stand for presidency in the new elections. ​​​​​​​

In the meantime Morales’ supporters engaged in mass action in various parts of the country in protection the country’s sovereignty against the right-wing coup by the opposition. ​​​​​​​