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Mayibuye Mandela stands with Dr Survé & Sekunjalo

The apartheid like attack on Sekunjalo Independent Media (SIM) must stop now!

I have watched with great concern the systematic attack on one of the most important media outlets of our country by white monopoly capital (WMC). SIM, which is part of the Sekunjalo Group under Dr Iqbal Survé, needs the support of all compatriots. We know that the main aim of the attack on SIM is to destroy Independent Media, which is the main subsidiary of SIM. Let’s not allow such arrogant and brazen attacks on media freedom to happen under our watch.

Media freedom is a hard won right. Leaders of the liberation movement, like Nelson Mandela, spent many years on Robben Island fighting for fundamental rights such as this which are now under attack from the same minority which persecuted our leaders. We say no to the constant attacks on the integrity of Dr Survé and the Sekunjalo Group.

As Chairperson of Vukani Community Development, I shall be engaging stakeholders to find ways to defend the Sekunjalo Group and Dr Sauve. Let’s not allow London and Stellenbosch to do to the Sekunjalo Group what they did to ANN7.

South Africa needs diverse media voices. This is the only way to guarantee media freedom. The Public Investment Corporation (PIC) must forthwith withdraw its liquidation against SIM which appears to be politically motivated.

Those who gave President Ramaphosa R1 billion to buy the African National Congress (ANC) elective conference, are now trying to shut up the only media house which had the courage to inform the nation on the scandal.

The PIC must get back the R20 billion disappeared by the corruption of the former CEO of Steinhoff, Markus Jooste. Where is the liquidation process against Steinhof?

Vukani shall be mobilizing society to defend the Sekunjalo Group and media freedom.

#HandsOffDrIqbalSurvé! #HandsOffSIM!

Issued by:

Chairperson of Vukani Community Development: Mayibuye Melisizwe Mandela
Cell: +27 79 771 9913
Mail: [email protected]
16 November 2019

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