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#BLF26: update on charges of violating apartheid law

By Andile Mngxitama

Today, #BLF26 were in the Tshwane Magistrate’s Court 8 on bogus charges of contravening an apartheid law. The case was postponed to 7 February 2020 back to the same court.

The allegation is that we entered a “public office” without permission. The relevant law makes it a criminal offense to enter a government building without permission amongst other stupid draconian stipulations. Remember that the act was passed in the mid 1980s (at the height of black resistance against apartheid). This served to stop blacks from getting close to government buildings. It’s therefore significant that the NPA functionary who charged us with this offence is an Afrikaner…

Just imagine, in this “post apartheid era”, one can’t go to the Public Protector’s office without permission. Think about it, the PUBLIC can’t have access to an institution of the “PUBLIC”, for PUBLIC interest reasons.

On Friday, 29 November, Black First Land First (BLF) will be back in court in another matter where judgement will be delivered. The case was brought against us by the labour wing of Afriforum, namely Solidarity. Should I even tell you what the outcome of that case will be?

Literally one day before the BLF Special Policy Conference we shall be in court to get judgement. Remember previously how, one day before the last general election which we contested we were hauled before the court. Well that’s our lives…

Andile Mngxitama is the President of the radical black consciousness organization, Black First Land First (BLF).

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