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BLF eThekwini Declaration

The Special Policy Conference (SPC) of Black First Land First (BLF) was held on the 30th of November 2019 in eThekwini, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). The main purpose of the conference was to find a way forward after our movement was banned from participating in the political process by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). BLF was banned on the demand of the racist representatives of land thieves.

1. The SPC notes that:

a. the South African Constitution is anti-black and pro white.;
b. Black people were not liberated in 1994 – instead white oppression was given legitimacy;
c. the banning of BLF proves beyond reasonable doubt that 1994 changed fokol; and
d. occupied Azania (South Africa), which was stolen by whites in 1652 upon the arrival of European settler colonialists, belongs to black people.

2. The SPC further observes that:

a. BLF currently represents undiluted black nationalism;
b. the parties of land thieves and white monopoly capital (WMC) are scared of BLF because it cannot be bought or intimidated;
c. the existence of BLF threatens white supremacy which is protected by the constitution; and
d. the judiciary has been used by the ruling class to criminalize BLF.

3. The SPC also recognizes that:

a. white people represent the oppressor group in South Africa;
b. white people benefited and continue to benefit from slavery, colonialism, apartheid and capitalism;
c. Black people are the victims of white oppression globally; and
d. There is no ethical or ideologically sound reason to believe that white people can ever be allies of black people in our fight for liberation.

4. The SPC moreover believes that:

a. it is an important principle of revolutionary war to adopt the Maoist adage that, “we should support whatever the enemy opposes and oppose whatever the enemy supports”.
b. all warfare is based on deception, as Sun Tzu has observed; and
c. the oppressed have no obligation of telling the truth to the oppressor.

5. The SPC further notes that:

a. the parties of white power are determined to deny black people a black party that represents their interests in the formal political space;
b. currently white power wants to keep parliament and all the other formal political processes white, by excluding BLF from such processes; and
c. the law, as it is currently structured, favours white power.

6. The SPC recognizes BLF’s commitment to:

a. struggle by any means necessary to overthrow the current constitutional dispensation, which is pro white;
b. struggle to bring about a pro black Constitution.
c. Deny the representatives of white power the space to maneuver for the exclusion of BLF from parliament.

7. The SPC therefore resolves that:

a. The main objective of BLF is the liberation of black people from the system of white supremacy, which oppresses black people for the benefit of whites.
b. Membership of BLF is open to all who agree to the following:

i. South Africa (SA) belongs to black people.
ii. SA was stolen from black people by white people.
iii. White people arrived in SA in 1652 and are therefore not indigenous people of this country.
iv. White people are therefore colonialists who also implemented apartheid against black people.
v. The 1994 Constitution is anti-black and must be replaced by a pro black constitution of redress.
vi. White people must not only return the stolen land, they must also pay reparations to black people for colonialism and apartheid.

8. The SPC declares 2020 the year of awakening and organizing.

9. The SPC further unanimously adopts Option 3 of the policy discussion document.

10. The SPC takes note that:

a. the implication of adopting option three is that BLF shall reregister with the IEC at an appropriate time without abandoning its pro black stance;
b. BLF shall also register as a civil society organization to fullfill its mission of the liberation of black people.
c. amending the Constitution of BLF will serve to meet the requirements of the IEC and not to accept land thieves as members; and
d. BLF has no obligation to accept members of the oppressor group as its members.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)

1 December 2019

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Zanele Lwana
(BLF Deputy President)
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Reposted from Black First Land First website. 

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