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79% of Chileans disapprove of President Piñera

Photo credit: Reuters

By BO Staff Writer

In terms of a recent survey 79 % of Chileans don’t approve of the presidency of Sebastián Piñera. This is two percentage points higher than the rating a week ago.

Moreover the survey concluded that just 15 % support and 78 % reject President Piñera’s administration. Prior to the nationwide protests the disapproval rating of Piñera was 53%. Since then the disapproval rating has been steadily rising due to Piñera‘s refusal to respond appropriately to the demands of the Chilean people.

Last month a poll by Pulso Ciudadano indicated that 81 % of Chileans will vote for a new constitution in the referendum scheduled for April 2020; 8.2% opposed the new constitution while 6.3 % did not know how to vote on the issue; 63.5 % favored the constituent assembly to be constituted by Chileans only excluding politicians to draft the new constitution; and 24.4%, comprising mainly of right-wing parties and government, want the new constitution to be drafted by a constituent assembly constituted of parliamentarians and citizens equally. Chileans want to destroy the constitution of the Pinochet dictatorship.

The protests were initiated by the Chilean student movements on October 18 to reverse the exorbitant metro fare increase. It now includes all sectors of society and additional demands including the president‘s resignation, the scrapping of all neo liberal measures, realization of basic rights including free quality education for all; proper public health; affordable cost of living; increase in wages and pensions; and corrupt free governance. On Wednesday, December 18, the protests in Chile reached its second month. To mark this occasion demonstrations were held across the country calling in the main for Piñera to step down towards realizing all the other demands.

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