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Brian Molefe – corporate David, Glencore slayer

Photo credit: BizNews

By Andile Mngxitama

We know by now that Oakbay only supplied about 5% of the coal to Eskom. The other about 80% was supplied by white owned companies.The mainstream media has not concerned itself with the 80% coal suppliers of Eskom.

The reason is patent to all fair people. The troubles of Oakbay Investments started when they out smarted the Swiss giant Glencore and bought their ailing company which was trying to blackmail Eskom by withdrawing its coal with the hope of hitting South Africa with another outage and then to be able to name the price it wants to sell coal to Eskom which would have been outside the agreement it had. It was the foresight and courage of the Eskom CEO Brian Molefe who stopped the whole scheme and quickly put the Swiss giant on a back footing and was forced to sell their business called Optimal Coal to Tegeta which was partly owned by the Guptas. This had infuriated white business and had led to the political attack sponsored by white capital and the #GuptaMustGo campaign. Moreover, the same white monopoly capital, in competition with the Guptas, had successfully pressured the banks to close the accounts of the Gupta business. The white owned media was not interested in the linkages including the serious impact on the 7500 workers and their families which in turn has affected over 50 000 people!

The white owned media had an agenda specifically against Tegeta because precisely because it was Guptas linked. This was despite the fact that Eskom had strongly rejectEd the accusation “that Tegeta was favoured or that due process was not followed”. But the media was not interested in the truth. It was only interested in the agenda to kick the Guptas out of the coal sector because white owned companies then felt the heat of competition.

The racism of the mainstream media came with how it did not believe that a black owned company could do better than a white owned business. White media asked, how did Tegeta turn around a loss making company which whites had given up on? Instead of praising Tegeta for business skills and innovation, they cast aspersion suggesting wrong doing. “If whites can’t do it, blacks can’t do it either” was the philosophy behind their reportage. Furthermore, in their campaign to destroy the Gupta family, the white owned media failed to inform their readers that Eskom had declared that the deal with the Guptas has saved it R1 billion in 8 months. This is a big positive story, when Eskom saves money it means South Africans benefit. But such truth came in the way of the agenda of the media.

I want to write a book on how Brian Molefe slayed one of the biggest global energy giants. This guy is a corporate David. Glencore knows his name. That Tegeta deal is nothing short of a classic. But then most people are under the spell of white monopoly capital (WMC) propaganda.

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.