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SANDF military base robbed of 20 R4 rifles

Image credit: The Citizen

By BO Staff Writer

Following a robbery at the Engineering Formation, Lyttelton Tek Base of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) this week in Pretoria, about 20 fully automatic R4 rifles were stolen from an ammunition‘s store.

The R4 is the current standard-issue assault rifle of the SA Army.. It is chambered in “5.56×45mm” and has a firing capacity of “675 rounds-per-minute“. It is a weapon meant for warfare.

On Tuesday Siphiwe Dlamini, the SANDF’s spokesperson, officially confirmed the incident in a statement. Section 200 of the constitution provides that the SANDF “must be structured and managed as a disciplined military force“ and it’s primary objective is to “defend and protect the Republic, its territorial integrity and its people in accordance with the Constitution and the principles of international law regulating the use of force”.

Generally these kinds of incidents effectively compromise the combat readiness and preparedness of the SANDF to respond to military threats and thereby execute its constitutional mandate. It projects the SANDF (as well as the country and its people it is supposed to protect) as being weak and vulnerable.

Upon becoming aware of the incident Andile Mngxitama, President of Black First Land First , said on social media,

“Did you hear? As blacks were busy worrying about the song of the year, land thieves broke into an army base and stole serious weapons”

“[T]hey (land thieves) are fed up with Julius Malema’s rhetorics now they are gonna slan teruig . I bet my money that they are gonna give those weapons to the Cape flats gangsters or the Basotho zama zamas those R4s to cause havoc in the townships . If not , Ruppert is gonna give those weapons to his private militia in the tax rank to do the dirty work . Watch out around April to July it will be cash heist after cash heist”, Trust Nkiwane Wakwa Masina responded

“Andile Mngxi did you see how they were airing Rasheed Staggee like he is sort of a hero or something ? they were promoting and fueling gangster violence in the cape flats . If the coloreds don’t wake up they will find themselves in deep trouble”, he elaborated.

“Trust Nkiwane Wakwa Masina, leader I think you are on the money”, Mngxitama concluded.

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