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Is Archbishop Thabo Makgoba a devil worshiper?

Photo credit: Twitter, @ArchbishopThabo

By Andile Mngxitama

Over the last few years the Anglican Archbishop of the colonial church of England, Thabo Makgoba, has been in the forefront of hounding those who are against white domination.

The Archbishop is at home with the beneficiaries of the original sin in South Africa (SA) and uses the sanctity of the pulpit to demonize those who seek justice from colonial bondage. In his recent Christmas sermon, the Archbishop again revived his unholy crusade in a thinly veiled instigation of the state against those who have taken the righteous and courageous route to confront the evil power of white monopoly capital (WMC) headquartered in Stellenbosch.

The original sin for our society is land theft. The original sinners are the settlers who usurped the land and wealth of black people. God gave blacks these riches. The devil worshipers from Europe arrived here and stole from peaceful blacks. The ill begotten wealth, which is in the hands of the likes of Johann Rupert and the Oppenheimer family, is directly linked to the original sin. We know that the Archbishop knows this but has chosen the side of Stellenbosch over the side of justice and economic redress.

When the Archbishop says that 2020 should be the year of the orange jumpsuit, he is not imagining his friend and possible benefactor Johann Rupert. He is thinking of how best to neutralise the political opponents of Rupert. He wants all those, like President Jacob Zuma; Brian Molefe; Dudu Myeni; Matshela Koko; and Dr Ben Ngubane, to be arrested because they dared to question the concentration of wealth in the hands of WMC.

We shall say nothing of the sins, still to be acknowledged and atoned for, committed by the very Anglican church he serves against black people. The Archbishop seems to have reverted to the evil ways of the apartheid and colonial church which provided scriptural justification for slavery, colonialism and apartheid.

It must be asked: Why is the Archbishop so comfortable with Johann Rupert yet hates those who are fighting for radical economic transformation so much? Why is this Archbishop not repulsed by the direct beneficiary of white supremacy, Johann Rupert, who is part of one of the wealthiest families in SA? Does Bishop Makgoba, the crusader, not know of the grand apartheid corruption that involves his friend Johann Rupert? Or has the Archbishop sold his soul to the devil?

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.