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On eNCA firing Kanthan Pillay to address racism, and blacks celebrating

This is a written record of a live broadcast on FaceBook by Andile Mngxitama, President of Black First Land First, on 20 December 2019.

By Andile Mngxitama

Good afternoon everybody. I am provoked by just what has happened with the firing of Kanthan Pillay, the over zealous guy at eNCA, and the fact that black people are celebrating this. There’s a need for our people to be assisted to think consistently and not in a harmful way.

Firstly, we need to know as black people that whenever something happens which may appear to be good, we must not celebrate too quickly because there is always an agenda that is harmful to you which is going on. and I think what is happening now at the Enca is precisely an agenda like that. It is not an agenda in our interests.

Since when is Samkele Maseko a champion of anti racism? Since when has he become somebody who’s interested in pushing a black agenda?

Let us understand what is going on here. We have Kanthan Pillay an anti black guy who is over zealous in carrying out his job as an agent of white supremacy. Pillay and Maseko both work in the same environment to further the same agenda. So we have two agents of white supremacy’s house operated in the same space.

Kanthan Pillay wears his over zealousness to satisfy his white bosses. They knew that this guy hates black people. They knew that he is committed to the agenda of white supremacy (which translates in the economic sphere as white monopoly capital (WMC)). That is why he was employed.

On the other hand we have Samkele Maseko and other blacks who are working for the eNCA which is a project of WMC, a project that pushes white racism.

These two agents may not agree on the agenda of WMC, but for the sake of securing their salaries they come together to push that agenda, an agenda which is harmful to blacks.

So what has happened today is really white supremacy, WMC, white racism at the eNCA simply sacrificing some of its most over zealous agents.

Pillay is a nasty individual. He’s hateful. He thinks he’s white and he’s gone out to prove that he will serve the project of WMC. That is why he was employed and he went overboard. He was too over zealous. He exposed the system through his conduct.

In some ways we must thank Pillay. Let’s think about it people. Shouldn’t we thank him for showing everybody exactly what the eNCA is?

He is being punished just like Mmusi Maimane. What do we learn from today’s activities since both the agents are being treated just like they treat all of us.

It is not that racism has come to an end at the eNCA. I’ll talk a little bit about the fact that individual acts of racism are made possible by institutional racism. In this situation institutional racism remains. It will moreover continue and get new agents. It will also continue to punish black people. It will further continue to reward those who work for it and in this instance, Pillay and Maseko are basically being sacrificed so that the system can reproduce itself. You have to understand (and I’ll come back to the big lesson) the distinction between institutionalized racism and individual acts of racism.

Institutionalized racism makes individual acts of racism possible. If you don‘t understand this distinction, you are going to get lost. You are going to be seduced into believing that some actions constitute racism and that racist conduct is being punished or dealt with. No racism has not been dealt with.

The eNCA, just like South Africa, is driven by institutionalized racism which makes individual acts of racism possible. So if you fire the individuals you see as being racist but you don’t act to end institutionalized racism, you have not made one move to deal with racism.

Today, a very brilliant, clever move was made by WMC. By punishing one of their own, they gave the impression that they are dealing with racism. In truth, they are legitimizing themselves so that they can continue their agenda of white racism.

What is happening at the eNCA is not something that we should celebrate.

Two victims, and this is very important in my view. Maseko is a victim of the over zealousness of an agent of white supremacy (Pillay), in the same way that he himself is an overzealous agent of white supremacy.

We know that he was sent by WMC to destroy President Zuma and RET forces and when they were done with that agenda they used Maseko to attack their own man, Julius Malema. Over zealous, that is what Maseko has been. He has not, by the way, said anything about changing his position around WMC, so you must be careful what’s happening here. But he is a victim, in the same way that Pillay is a victim, of white supremacy.

This is important. We have two victims of the white supremacist agenda here. No white person if s/he was accused as Pillay was of being racist, would have suffered what Pillay has suffered. Pillay is suffering because he is not white. Despite the fact that he thinks he is. So let’s understand what racism is really doing here!

We have not made a move my people. This is a big lesson I want to share with you today. The big lesson is not that racism is being dealt with. The big lesson again is that white supremacy, white racism, WMC, always punishes its own agents, in the end.

It has punished Maimane. It is busy right now with Julius Malema. It has just dealt with two of its agents, Maseko and Pillay. It is coming for Redi Tlhabi. It is coming for Eusebius McKaiser. All the agents of WMC will ultimately be dealt with by their own bosses.

That is how the white system operates. To elaborate on the big lesson today. It is not that there is a fight to end racism. The big lesson is to black people. We must tell all agents again and again WMC is coming for you. We must tell Julius, they are coming for you. We must tell Floyd, they’re coming for you. We must tell them that WMC is coming for you because you help them as overzealous agents against black people; you helped them to get rid of President Zuma; you helped them to get rid of Mme Dudu Myeni; you helped them to get rid of Matshela Koko; you helped them to get rid of Brian Molefe. But now having dealt with these threats to the project of WMC, the same WMC is coming for you.

Again the big lesson today is that Maseko and Pillay, the overzealous committed agents of white supremacy, have been sacrificed – just like Malema is going to be sacrificed; just like Floyd is going to be sacrificed; just like Maimane and Herman Mashaba have already been sacrificed.

If you black my friend, today WMC allows you to attack blacks who have taken a clear position in the interest of the black agenda. But, make no mistake, they are also coming for you!

So it is not that the eNCA is dealing with racism in that it is firing this guy. No! No! No! That is not what is happening here. Racism is intact; institutional racism is intact; the white agenda is intact.

The lesson is that black people who serve the white agenda, in the final analysis, are not spared by WMC. Pillay knows that wherever he is, he’s not white, he’s black like us. Maseko is not an agent of change. He is an agent of white supremacy. They have gone after him as well.

And of course they might give them other jobs and so on but this is a lesson and a warning. If you go against white capital, or you don’t listen to them, or they no longer need you, they chop you!

I think that is the big lesson I want to communicate today. We must not be too quick to celebrate and say that white racism has been dealt with by eNCA. No nothing like that has happened. It remains an instrument of WMC. It remains an instrument of racism. It remains underpinned by institutionalized racism which makes individual acts of racism possible.

It’s necessary to repeat this warning. Our people must not be too quick to celebrate. This system is always clever. It’s always a few steps ahead. It’s always putting traps for us which we often fall into.

There’s no reason to celebrate my people. Institutionalized racism remains. South Africa is a racist country because our constitution entrenched it. And what is institutionalized racism? Basically it’s a constellation of forces that gives whiteness the place that it occupies at the expense of black people – and I’m talking at the level of economics, at the level of politics, at the level of the social standing of our people.

We must always pause, and reflect critically at every event that is happening. The good thing is that no one can claim that the eNCA does not push a racist agenda.

We have always known that this is why some of us are not interested in boycotting the eNCA – and we have always said so. Julius Malema has always know that the eNCA is a project of WMC; a project of Johann Rupert; a project that’s against the black agenda. He was very happy to help them get rid of Ann7 because Ann7 was not in the pocket of his bosses at the relevant time. So today because they are fighting him since they no longer need him, because they are going to expose him, he wants us to help him fight for his survival, not to help him to defeat the system. He wants to fight for survival so that he can again bargain with the system to get some money to sustain his Louise Vuitton lifestyle.

We don’t take the eNCA seriously. We know it’s an enemy platform.

Alright, that’s what I wanted to say. Mr Maseko isn’t a tower of anti racism. He and Pillay are victims of the anti black agenda of the system, because they are black – but they also remain servants of WMC.

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