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“EFF is Fanonian, Pan Africanist but not black consciousness? God Jesus come!!!” – Mngxitama

Photo credit: Elizabeth Sejake

By BO Staff Writer

According to Black First Land First (BLF) President Andile Mngxitama the article “Each generation must choose its mission”, which was published yesterday on the website of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) under the name of Mandisa Makesini, was actually written by Floyd Shivambu.

“Floyd Shivambu must stop being a coward. He must put his name on this ideologically confused and theoretically degenerate nonsense. I don’t know why people think Wits undergraduate sociology is Marxist Leninist anything. This is one of the most ignorant painful piece of writing I have seen in a long time. But if you have read Floyd‘s Wits undergraduate sociology thesis, you would know this article was written by him”, Mngxitama elaborated.

The EFF article is a response to a video clip posted on social media by renowned poet Ntsiki Mazwai. EFF leader Julius Malema is, according to Mazwai, not woke and not what black consciousness requires of him, amongst other things.

“I never thought I will live to see the day that an organization claiming to fight for economic freedom of black people rejects the liberation philosophy of black consciousness”, Mngxitama said.

Mazwai also suggested that Malema’s political backwardness is due to Andile Mngxitama not being in the EFF to give him vision and provide the party with content.

In its response to Mazwai the EFF clarified that it is Fanonian and Pan Africanist but NOT black consciousness, nor does it practice the principles of the ideology.

“So the EFF is Fanonian and Pan Africanist but not black consciousness? God Jesus come!!! You simply can’t claim to be Fanonian but say you aren’t black consciousness. This is because Frantz Fanon is essentially the father of black consciousness. This revelation shows that they don’t know their own ideological framework because it was not developed and written by them. Time for people to know who wrote the founding manifesto of the EFF and gave it its ideology”, Mngxitama said sharply .

The EFF’s response does amount to an admission of Mazwai’s accusations concerning Malema and the party.

“Ntsiki Mazwai is boss! They insult her and then finally admits she is right. They aren’t black consciousness their ideology is Louis Vuitton! We must thank Ntsiki for forcing the comprador to reveal itself so openly”, Mngxitama said in closing.

According to archival records, that Black Opinion is in possession of, Mngxitama wrote the Founding Manifesto of the EFF.