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BLF declares Public Protector Mkhwebane ethical, moral leader of 2019

The white monopoly capital (WMC) owned media, which controls the economy of South Africa (SA), hates the Public Protector, Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane.

Black First Land First (BLF) notes the virulent insults which have been thrown at the Public Protector for the whole year. The mainstream media is trying by all means to erode the authority of the Public Protector. This is part of the planned attack on her Office, by parliament in 2020.

The main sin of Adv Mkhwebane was her ruling that ABSA must return the money stolen from the people from the South African Reserve Bank(SARB). Her ruling threatened to expose how the likes of Johann Rupert had benefited from the apartheid bailout money to Bankorp,

What happened is simple. Towards the end of apartheid, some powerful families and businesses were handed billions of rands from SARB. Those businesses include what is today known as ABSA. The Ruperts also benefitted from the grand theft. Over R26 billion was parcelled out!

The ruling by the Public Protector simply confirmed numerous other findings including by the CIEX investigation commissioned by Thabo Mbeki in 1997 to investigate apartheid era crime and corruption. The consequent Ciex report suggested that billions were stolen by white capital of which R26 billion is recoverable immediately.

The banking oligarchy which controls the economy and the politics of SA was terrified by the ruling of the Public Protector. For the first time these powerful figures were called to account for their crimes. Furthermore, the Public Protector ruled that SARB must stop serving capital and it must put the people first.

The reaction of the banking oligarchy was to use the courts to set aside the rulings of the Public Protector and to unleash its bulldogs on her in parliament. The harassment that the Public Protector was subjected to, didn’t deter her from defending the public.

Her subsequent biggest and boldest decision was her finding that the CR17 campaign was driven by massive criminality. She found that over R400 million had exchanged hands under the table. The Sunday Independent investigated further and found that the amount was actually R1 billion. We know now through all these revelations that the R1 billion was used to buy the African National Congress (ANC) Nasrec conference of December 2017 and to this end a President for the country to serve WMC.

The Public Protector was also not intimidated by the bulldogs deployed to deal with her. She ruled against the darling of WMC and the Stellenbosch chosen Prime Minister, Pravin Gordhan. She found that the Rogue Unit at SARS was indeed established under Gordhan and that it also operated as a slush fund for friends. Gordhan gave his friends golden handshakes unlawfully. BLF will soon reveal, via a subsequent statement, how Ramaphosa and Gordhan helped their friends to defraud the state via SARS.

In a country where politicians flip flop for money, the courts sing from the same jurisprudence hymn book of Stellenbosch, and the State President is bought, the Public Protector stands firm as a beacon of hope, moral rectitude, and unbending commitment to ethics. Adv Mkhwebane is the epitome of integrity – the last warrior standing for the truth against the corrupt corporate bullies of SA.

We know that in 2020, London and Stellenbosch shall intensify their campaign to try and remove the People’s Protector. Parliament has already carried out the instructions of the banking oligarchy by creating special rules to remove the Public Protector.

We call on our people to defend the ‘defender of the weak and vulnerable‘ in 2020.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)

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Zanele Lwana
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This statement was issued by BLF on 31 December 2019

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