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Johann Rupert’s riches protected by Malema and Ramaphosa?

By BO Staff Writer

The global capitalist publication Bloomberg has released its 2020 billionaires list. The South African list is topped by Johann Rupert at R103 billion; the secretive Oppenheimers at R102 billion in second place; the alleged earlier funder of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Nathan Kirsh, at R86 billion in third place; and Patrice Motsepe with a significantly low wealth threshold of R36 billion in fourth place.

What is significant about the wealthiest families of South Africa (SA) is their association with both Cyril Ramaphosa and the leadership of the EFF. It is a known fact that Malema had openly asked for money from Johann Rupert to help him topple Jacob Zuma from office. Johann Rupert has since revealed that the Deputy President of the EFF, Floyd Shivambu, acted as his political advisor; had dinner with him; and also asked him for money. It is not known how much money Johann Rupert has given to the EFF.

What is clear is that Rupert and Malema shared the same agenda around the removal of Jacob Zuma. Rupert was terrified that Zuma’s radical economic transformation (RET) program would force him to share his wealth with black people. He found in Malema an agent to help him fight Zuma. His wealth is now secured.

It was relvealed by the Sunday Independent that the Oppenheimers contributed R10 million towards the CR17 campaign to buy the African National Congress (ANC) Nasrec conference and to this end a President for the country to serve white monopoly capital (WMC). They also funded the march against Zuma in defence of Pravin Gordhan which was led by Malema through their proxy Sipho Pityana.

The Oppenheimers have furthermore bribed the ANC leadership to give them their own private international airport inside the OR Tambo International Airport. When the Oppenheimers appeared in a parliamentary hearing last year, the EFF ran away and left Black First Land First (BLF) to hold the Oppenheimer’s accountable. This clearly shows the control that the Oppenheimers have over both the ANC and EFF. It is also clear that the wealth of the Oppenheimers is well protected.

The case of Nathan Kirsh is even more curious. He is said to have made his money from the blood of Palestinian children through contracts with the Israeli government. Kirsh is alleged to have a huge contract in relation to building the apartheid wall in occupied Palestine. Around 2015 there were roumours that he had given the EFF a donation of about R10 million. There were further rumours that Kirsh had also given the EFF the use of his massive billboard for the last elections. Such a billboard costs R100 000 a month.

Patrice Motsepe has also become a close friend of Malema after he visited the Headquarters of the EFF and softened the threat to expose him as a beneficiary of the controversial Independent Power Producers (IPPs) tender contracts with Eskom. It is alleged that he was pickpocketed to buy the silence of the EFF. His current friendship with Malema ensures that his wealth is safe.

The top four Bloomberg billionaires are benefactors of the EFF and Cyril Ramaphosa. This gives credence to the claim that parliament is captured.

The following list of South Africa’s dollar-billionaires and their worth individually, is most instructive:

i. Johann Rupert – $7.38 billion / R103.4 billion

ii. Nicky Oppenheimer – $7.35 billion / R102.98 billion

iii. Natie Kirsch – $6.16 billion / R86.3 billion

iv. Patrice Motsepe – $2.6 billion / R36.4 billion

v. Koos Becker – $2.4 billion / R33.62 billion

vi. Michiel Le Roux – $1.3 billion / R18.21 billion