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“#NoRechargingForMTN, a great initiative by Jan Van Potgieter”, says Mngxitama

Image credit: @SciTheComedist, Twitter

By BO Staff Writer

From 20 to 21 December last year, Jan Van Potgieter via his Twitter handle @SciTgeComedist posted the following tweets:

1. ”Guys I have an Idea on how we can make @MTNza @Vodacom @TelkomZA and @CellC to really make sell us 1GB data for R5/R10”

2. “But all this need will need us to unite and and fully comply with what I’m about to say.”

3. “Back then twitter tried #TwitterBlackOut but it never worked because people were still online checking if the black out was successful”

4, “So to fully make this functional we need to attack one corporation at time. By doing this we’ll set an example for other corporations on what unity can really do. So we need strike one corporation at a time and strike them where it hurts”.

5. “@MTNza is selling 1GB for R159 and the data will not even last one month.On contract they are able to give you 40GB for R200 a month. My question is why can’t they just sell us 2GB for R10?? Or is (contract) data different to regular data?? I mean data is just data right??”

6. “It can’t be that 5Kg mixed portion is R160 and 1GB data also cost R160.
That’s ridiculous and they too know it. Our youth has YouTube channels but majority of the people cannot watch them and people get like 50views all because data is expensive here in South Africa.”

7. “So this I want to implement so that data can fall will also enable our celebrities to get millions of views on Youtube and streaming line services. So please we’ll also need their support on this. Please tag them.“

8. “So to cut the long story short. I’d love us to first attack @MTNza what we only have to do is not recharge anything for our MTN sim cards if you are using it. DO NOT BUY AIRTIME,DATA,SMS’ES & MINUTES fr the nxt 4weeks if their sales drop then they’ll listen #NoRechargingForMTN”

9. So if their sales drop they’ll have to listen to us. So we should not recharge even a single cent on our MTN sim cards. If u want data but from another network company just not MTN. The aim here is to set an example with MTN.

10. “And please if also our celebrities can Unite with us on this. Especially all our musicians. We can achieve our goal. We just need them to do videos saying #NoRechargingForMTN @robertmarawa @DjMaphorisa @ShoMadjozi @djcleo1”

11. “And let us all remember that #UnityIsEverything
And if @MTNza thinks we not going to achieve this then they shall see.
Most of my followers use MTN hence I chose it.

12. “To all contractors if you can just terminate it. If not continue using it.“

According to Black First Land First (BLF) President Andile Mngxitama , Jan Van Potgieter has a brilliant plan regarding his #NoRechargingForMTN and #DataMustFall campaign. Taking to social media he said:

“I’m not on Twitter but I think this is an idea we should support. It will need better coordination and also a clearer action plan which should include:

1. A one month period of awareness raising
2. Getting a few big shots to endorse the initiative. It will create more public engagement and awareness.
3. Doing some teach-ins and roadshows
4. Having a definitive date by which everyone disengages from MTN to force sales to drop”