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Another Cyber Terrorist Attack on BO

Dear Black Opinion (BO) followers and subscribers, we apologize for your favorite alternative news and analysis site being shut down for most of this morning.

BO experienced yet another terrorist cyber attack that shut it down. We thank the technicians who have managed to bring us back online in such short period of time.

You will all remember that last December the BO website was down for 8 days. The enemy of the truth is scared.

BO is the fastest growing independent online black publication in South Africa (SA). In December alone over 300 000 people visited the site. Moreover, BO had over 60 000 viewings in the first two days of 2020.

The people want the truth, but the enemy wants lies so they attack the truth.

BO is a collective organiser for the truth!

Help spread the word. Tell other black people about BO and do subscribe.

Black Opinion matters!!!

Issued by the Editorial Collective of BO
3 January 2019