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Did Zionist Nathan Kirsh give Julius Malema R9 million?

Photo credit: Felix Dlangamandla

By BO Staff Writer

The fourth wealthiest South African, Nathan Kirsh, is accused of giving Julius Malema R9 million in 2013. If this is true, then the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) was founded on Zionist money by the same funders who bankrolled the racist pro Zionist Democratic Alliance (DA) of Helen Zille.

Around 2015 a bank statement was leaked to the social media indicating that Nathan Kirsh actually funded the EFF. Kirsh has obviously denied it. But the EFF has neither confirmed nor den


ied it, thereby leading to the conclusion that they did in fact benefit from the blood money of Kirsh.

The Kirsh money could be the clue to understanding why the supposed radical Marxist-Leninist party entered into a coalition with the DA which is a party of white monopoly capital (WMC). The question now arising is, did Julius Malema give the votes of poor black people to Helen Zille in the metros on the instruction of Kirsh?

The association between Malema and Kirsh is alleged to be continuing. In the 2019 general election, the EFF was given a big advantage by being offered the use of massive billboards. Kirsh is the owner of the company that hires these billboards out. If you are not under Kirsh‘s arm, you will have to pay R100 000 a month for the use one billboard. The EFF used hundreds of these billboards across the country. Whistle blowers say that this advantage given to the EFF was another gift from Papa Nathan.

Until political parties open their books for independent forensic audits, the capture of parliament shall continue to prevail.