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R4 rifles theft accused secretly released?

Image credit: defenceWeb

By BO Staff Writer

The 12 people arrested in connection with the theft of 19 fully automatic R4 rifles from the Lyttelton Tek Army Base in Pretoria, were apparently quietly released from custody on Friday. There is still no trace of the 19 fully automatic R4 rifles.

This hush hush release of the accused persons has added fuel to the belief that the weapons were stolen by powerful interests to start a mini war in South Africa (SA).

The whole thing looked suspicious from the beginning. Organizations of the people like Black First Land First (BLF), had raised the alarm that the weapons theft may be in furtherance of arming the right wing or private miltias. In 2018 Johann Rupert, the wealthiest man in SA, had declared that he has a private army in the taxi industry.

The availability of arms to private individuals is a real challenge in SA. Just in December last year, two major shootings took place in Johannesburg. Are the weapons used in connection with those incidents related in any way to the recent army base raid?

It now seems that BLF was correct to say that a cover-up was being cooked to protect powerful people like Johann Rupert.