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Johann Rupert and Julius Malema Best Friends Forever?

By BO Staff Writer

Johann Rupert is the wealthiest man after one year of Cyril Ramaphosa’s Presidency. He counts amongst his friends the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Deputy President, Floyd Shivambu, who was allegedly sent by Julius Malema to have dinner with him. Sources say that in fact Malema and Rupert are Best Friends Forever (BFF), but pretend in public to be enemies.

EFF leaders also admire the wines that are produced from Johann Rupert’s vineyards. During a gala dinner hosted by the EFF last year, wines from the Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons were the wines of choice to calibrate the thirsty throats of the psuedo Marxist-Leninists.

Rupert confirmed to Pieter du Toit, who is the the author of the book “Stellenbosch Mafia”, that he had lunch with Shivambu.

“We had lunch together at Tokara, Ferreira’s wine estate… Jannie then took them to Fleur de Cap, the farm my father bought that is now owned by Remgro. I was concerned that they might think that all white people live like that because they already believe we bathe in champagne”, Rupert told du Toit.

He also confirmed that Shivambu acted as his political advisor.

“Floyd Shivambu advised me to do the PowerFM interview. Once he got to know me, when he realised what I was actually doing, that I was opposed to apartheid and who I knew (during the struggle) he said: ‘But nobody knows this. You’ve got to go on Given Mkhari’s show and do the chairman’s conversation”, Rupert said.

Compare this cosy relationship between Rupert and the EFF with the hostile attitude Rupert has towards Black First Land First (BLF) to understand which organization is revolutionary and which is just using revolutionary rhetoric whilst eating with the enemy. Rupert has close to 50 High Court orders against BLF, which interdicts the organization from land occupations of his vast estates and realizing land redress.

EFF often pretends to be fighting Rupert in public whereas in private it doesn’t only admire him, but it is also very close to him.

Now that Rupert has claimed the first spot as the wealthiest man in South Africa after removing Jacob Zuma from power through the help of Malema, many have asked whether Rupert will be giving Malema a performance bonus.


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