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Billions made by Oppenheimers & Rupert for removing Zuma is unsettling

By Andile Mngxitama

Fam I’m not ok. Ok I have been in the Home Affairs queue since 5:30 to get a new passport as my existing one went through the washing machine with my clothes. By 13:00 after many reports of “the system is off line”, I gave up. I drove to the airport to ask the Immigration office to take a look at my washed up passport. The two brothers I interacted with spoke in Tsonga on the phone. Then the one brother gives me a big reassuring smile and says that he thinks my passport is ok, I can use it. Im relieved. I thank him heartily…

To be clear, the passport issue is not why I’m not ok. The staff at the Boksburg Home Affairs Office are really super people. They are doing their best under hellish pressure.

The reason I’m not well is this. White monopoly capital (WMC) hired Julius Malema and others to remove Jacob Zuma from power so that they can make super profits.

The great thing about this queue I was in since 5:30am was that I sat next to a genius kid who has helped me figure out how much money the Oppenheimers made in one year. I also thank all of you on Facebook who participated in my little project unwittingly. The Oppenheimers made over R6 billion in one year after giving Cyril Ramaphosa R10 million to buy the ANC conference in December 2017 and kick Jacob Zuma out! This means that the Oppenheimers grew their wealth by over 5% (R6 Billion!) in one year. Moreover, Johann Rupert grew his total wealth by 16% (R11 Billion), also in one year.

Am I the only person whose spine has tensed all morning just thinking what the fuck??? What the fuck!!!

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.