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“I’m addicted to Louis Vuitton” – Malema

Image credit: Genesis Media

By BO Staff Writer

In a rare moment of honesty Julius Malema, the supposed commander in chief of the alleged Marxist-Leninist-Fanonian party, has confessed to his addiction to the good life. More specifically, Malema confessed to his incurable addiction to Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

The confession was made last year when he was asked how he can claim to be Fanonist when in fact he is involed in “conspicuous consumption” which Fanon condemns. To this end he said, “it is not a secret that I wear Louis Vuitton and Gucci”.

Malema is embroiled in corruption to fund his addiction to Louis Vuitton. Like a true addict who contradicts himself, he said:

“I buy those things with my own money, not government money, and have never said to anyone – media and the electorate – that I do not wear Louis Vuitton”.

It is clear that Malema’s addiction is too deep. This affliction has caused him to engage in corruption such as the VBS and Limpopo government looting, as well as tender fraud in the Metros where his party has gone into coalitions with the racist Democratic Alliance (DA).

Malema’s addiction to Louis Vuitton has many asking whether he can lead the struggle against white monopoly capital (WMC). It looks like Johann Rupert is using Malema’s addiction to control him. Rupert is allegedly Malema’s pimp to sustain the Louis Vuitton addiction.