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10 things the ANC must do to fix the country

By Andile Mngxitama

The African National Congress (ANC) January 8th event is a great opportunity for the ruling party to rescue itself from a lack luster twenty five years in power. South Africa (SA) is currently undergoing a deep crisis at all fronts. The economy is on reverse gear with the World Bank economic growth projection revised to less than 1% in this financial year. The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) has revealed that business confidence is at the low level of three decades ago. Unemployment and crime are our daily bread. SA murders twenty thousands citizens annually. Gender based violence is not abating. Children are on the firing line. We are drowning in Commissions of Inquiries which are just political tools to settle scores. Loadsheding has become normalized. University going students are riddled with fees anxiety. It’s a mighty mess.

What must be done? Here are ten things the ANC should do to end the crisis:

1. End loadsheding. Pravin Gordhan must be fired, and the super trio namely Dr Ben Ngubane; Brain Molefe; and Matshela Koko must be hired to fix Eskom.

2. Apologize for the delaying tactics and lies. Announce that all land belongs to the people because it was stolen from them. That’s real land expropriation without compensation, not the current tricks being employed.

3. Create 5 million jobs now! Declare a moratorium on all retrenchments. Transform critical sectors, with the capacity for labour absorption, through black ownership and support. Target Mining, Agriculture, Manufacturing, as well as Reconstruction and Development (housing and infrastructure).

4. To fix our hospitals, declare that all elected representatives must be compelled by law to use public hospitals. The said elected representatives include the President; Ministers; Members of Parliament; Premiers; Members of the Executive Councils (MECs); Mayors; Councillors; Director Generals and all those at directorate levels. This is in line with the Thomas Sankara Oath!

5. End corruption by running lifestyle audits on officials and elected public representatives of all three arms of the state, namely the Executive (Cabinet), the Legislature (Parliament) and the Judiciary (Courts of law). Take the Judiciary for instance – Judges, like politicians, live beyond their means. Where do they get the money from?

6. Go after the apartheid grand corruption. The so called “lifeboats“ must be investigated and ABSA must be made to pay back the money!

7. Nationalize the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and set up a people’s bank to give interest free loans to black people as a contribution towards reparations.

8. Scrap the costly Commissions of Inquiries. Instead institute criminal prosecutions regarding all corruption, more specifically the corruption of white monopoly capital (WMC). Why is Markus Jooste not in jail?

9. Free Education means Free Education. Let deserving students merely go to university and learn. The state must cover all the costs.

10. Employ ALL graduates now! It’s cruel that people with post matric qualifications are sitting at home. Force industry to absorb these graduates. Set up a national database of unemployed graduates.

These are low hanging fruits which can help turn SA around. But the ANC of Ramaphosa would never dare serve the people. The ruling party governs for London and Stellenbosch.

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.